How To Screenshot On Windows 8

Hello Everyone and welcome to our post and Today we are going to discuss a very familiar topic and which is very interesting as well very useful As everybody nowadays working people are using laptop for every other reason and they also want to keep the records of their windows or any important sites images then for that they need to take the screenshot and in this post you will come to know the various and very easy and simple steps for How to take the screenshot In windows 8 and its various uses.

A screenshot is the Digital image of the What should¬† be displayed on laptop, pc or mobile or other visual output device. It is created by taking the picture of the screen.In Windows 8 its very much easier then other OS for taking the screenshot in windows 8 you don’t need to take the screenshot and then edit it into the paint instead of that in windows 8 you can directly save it to the folder with easy keyboard shortcuts.

It is very useful in various ways as many people has the habit of taking the screen shot of the games which they are playing or watching the movie and want to take the screenshot of their favorite star in action or any scene of the movies and while they are playing any game and has made the highest score and want to share it with their friends just for fun on the social networking sites. Some people take the screenshot for any online form or anything they are filling and they are on the final strep a click away from the registration and want to take the screenshot of that final step. Some People take it for the purpose of evidence for any legal or illegal things. There are various uses or reasons for taking the screenshot.

Now We will discuss the various simple and very easy steps for How To take the Screenshot in Windows 8 which will ease you take the screenshot and use it as per your purpose.

How To Take The Screenshot in Windows 8

  1.  Firstly select the screen for which you want to take a screenshot for and then hold the windows and prntscn key and you will be getting a new folder where a new screenshot in the pictures folder in your library in your laptop or pc with windows 8 as the OS This is the most easiest way for taking the screenshot while in other os you have to then edit that png image in paint.

  1. Secondly, You can use only the printscrn key also for taking the screen shot and the image will be saved to the clipboard. Open the paint and then press ctrl+v and it will paste the image in paint. Then you can edit as you want and save that screenshot in your file wherever you want. Also you can use the alt+ prntscrn together for taking the screenshot in windows 8 which will save png image in your desired folder and then you can edit or not it is depending on you and your need if you want to edit open that png image with paint tool and then edit however you like and then save it to the folder in your laptop/pc.

  1. The third way is to save the screenshot By using the snipping tools which is available in the OS windows 8 You first click on start button then search for windows accessories and there find the snipping tool with the help of the snipping tools you can take with various tools available it with which will help you to take the screenshot in various different way and the select the desired area with the help of snipping tool and the select the portion for which you want to take the screenshot and take the screenshot and then save it to the library and then use it as your want.

Above are the steps for easy taking of the screenshot in windows 8. The best thing you can do for us is to sharing it on the social sites and various ways to other people so that they can also take the benefit form it and Last thankful to you for reading this post. Thank you!

Below is the link for knowing and learning the basic steps for taking the screenshot in your laptop/pc with windows 8..

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