How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10

TODAY I am going to discuss a very important topic that many people faces today in day to day life those who uses laptops pc with Windows 10 that is How to Take Screenshots In Windows 10. you all use the  Windows and you need to take a screenshot quickly. you all have trouble with the PrtScn key while taking the screenshot some times it is not working.

Sometimes you want to take a screenshot of the active window instead of the whole screen Or maybe if you want to take a free-form screenshot of a particular area of the screen of your laptop/pc on your windows 10 Or sometimes what happens is if you maybe you are playing a game in Windows 10, and you want to capture your achievements with a screenshot and share it with your friends and on the social media and also there are several reasons It doesn’t matter why you want to take a screenshot.

A screenshot is the image of the computer screen on which you are currently working or for which you want to take the images. it can be several time very useful or helpful if you want to share the contents of your screen with some other friends. Now in this article we will show you various ways for taking the screenshots in windows 10.There are various reasons other than the above to capture the all parts of your screen and of your windows.

It is now a days trend that people wants to share mostly things on the social media or save some thing for the evidence as if there something objectionable there. There me be any situation like wise if you want to fill any online form and before doing that you want to take the screenshot of the final step to remember that you have filled all the data correctly or not. Whatever the reasons may be but you want to take the screenshots.Windows 10 gives multiple reasons and many ways to accomplish the task. which is depending on you what you want too choose and what is your plan for capturing the screenshot.

How To Take Screenshots In Windows 10

  1. Saves everything quickly and instantly available on the screen :- For performing the above activity you first need to do by pressing the windows key + prnt sc sysrq immediately and it will immediately saves everything available on the screen which is currently displayed on the page with full contents. The screenshot which you have taken will be saved in the PNG format in the pictures of screenshot with folder name inside it in your profile. Many computers and laptops have different option for taking the screenshots just by pressing the windows key +space bar shortcut. You need to hold the fn key also while pressing the windows key + space baar. If the computer screen flashes for minor second then the screenshot process is completed in your windows.

2. By using the snipping tools:- This one is the most useful tools for taking the screenshot for the windows 10 and also this one is the most effective app available for the users of the windows 10 it offers various types of function like offering free form, rectangular windows and also full screen captures with the option available that will save the results as copy to the clip board or as a file. It allows you to choose by yourself which type of screenshot you want to take from the mode menu, and then click to begin your capture. the app also features different ways to annotate screenshots, including a free hand pen option available and that too with voice recording. likewise the snipping tools, snip editor will let you to delay the screenshot by with up to 10 seconds, so you will have enough time to grab images of all the disappearing menu and all those tool tips.

3. Copying all the available parts directly to the clipboard:- This one is just similar to the 1st one but different types for taking the screenshot in windows 10 by just using the two best keyboard shortcuts that is the prntscrn and alt+prntscrn and the copy the full screen on the current window  and saves it to the clipboard. another a new shortcut that you should try is the windows key +shift+s that will allows you to select the rectangular region of the screen and then copy that to the clipboard.  When you press those shortcut keys then the screen will flash which will give a clear indication that you have successfully taken the screenshot of the screen on windows.

4. Windows Logo+ Volume Down

This one can be also used to take the screenshot but it is bit the time consuming you can just take the screenshot by just clicking these keyboards shortcuts and it will copy those images into the folder and you can easily edit in paint.

This is the video link for how to take screenshot in windows 10:-

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