How to Take Screenshot on OnePlus 5

Nowadays, the screenshot is a very common feature among all the phones and therefore this feature is generally used by almost all the users as it becomes the necessity which saves a lot of time in saving the data or pictures etc. Apart of this, OnePlus 5 has come up with some extraordinary feature with it. Now, users can edit the screenshot images such as changing of saturation of your images and many more editing. In OnePlus 5 mobiles, the user even applies features like facebook, Instagram filter to your screenshots.

So, in order to make the procedure easily understood by the users, here are some simple steps through which you can make use of all the advanced features without having any problem.


screenshot on oneplus 5

  • First of all, the user needs to hold the power and lower volume rocker at the same time.
  • Then, your screenshot will appear in the center of the display screen only for few seconds.
  • In those few seconds, you can edit your screenshot as the option will appear in the display for those few seconds.
  • When the user will choose this option, they will be taken into the extraordinary and special OnePlus editing screen which has the various options of editing and taking your image to another level.

Therefore, these are the very simple steps that the users will follow in order to take the screenshot on one plus 5 and make all the required changes in that image at the same time. Although, there are many users who will face the issues in using these editing features as they are newly introduced and advanced features. So, in order to make the procedure easy for them, here are few more steps by following which the user can easily be used all the advanced features of OnePlus 5 screenshots.

screenshot oneplus 5


  • The first set of editing tools represents colored aspects of screenshot image.
  • These tools include various options like brightness, exposure of image, contouring, highlighting, contrast and many other editing features.
  • There are many options which users can use to tune their image according to their wish.
  • Then, you can save the image easily once the user will get the settings as they want.
  • There are various numbers of preset filters which can be used to change the look of your screenshot.
  • Then, there is an another menu which allows the user to flip, straighten, rotate, or change the direction of the image with free scaling tools.
  • There is an another menu that allows the user to draw their image by using nine different color options which give the user different sizes and thicknesses of the brush which is used in the drawing of the image.
  • At last, stamp tool is the final menu which allows the user to drop a mark of copyright

oneplus 5 screenshot

After the user will be done with all the edits, they can save it to their device and can send it along to wherever they wish to send.These functions are inbuilt into the device itself so, the user does not have to use the another editing application to edit their images.

However, there is an another method of capturing the screenshot in OnePlus 5 i.e. by Using Gesture.


screenshot on oneplus 5 phone

  1. Firstly, go to the settings then, there click on the option of Gestures.
  2. Then, enable “three figure screenshot” feature by sliding towards the right.
  3. Now, the user will have to go to the screen of which they want to capture the screenshot.
  4. At last, the user has to do a three figure swipe down gesture on the screen and the screenshot will be captured.

Now, everything regarding the capturing of screenshots is explained above in a very simple manner which makes the whole process very easy for the users.

There is an another smart feature available in OnePlus 5 handsets which are Sharing of Screenshots. So, again here are few simple steps of sharing the screenshots on OnePlus 5.


One plus 5 screen capture

  • Once, the user can capture the screenshot, they have to pull down the notification panel.
  • Then, they find two options there – SHARE & DELETE.
  • Click on the Share in order to open the sharing options.
  • Now, the user can share the screenshot wherever they wish to share them.

Enjoy the above-advanced process of capturing, editing  & sharing the screenshots in a very easy and organized manner.


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