How To Take a Screenshot On a Laptop

Hi! Everyone how are you all? Hope everyone fine. So, today we are going to discuss a very familiar topic which everybody wants to do but very fewer knows how to do it that is How to take Screenshot on the Laptop. A screenshot  is a bit like taking a photograph of the current screen or of whatever is currently on your screen, which could be a website, a window or just the desktop. The image can then be pasted into a word-processed document for just editing the pic.

Many times it is helpful and time-saving to take a screenshot of your laptop. Users find it an easy way to save their time in a better way. Taking a screenshot on your laptop might be necessary while you are browsing in the net or making a presentation of your college/ school or for any company. It comes as a handy tool that will let you project anything that is on your screen in a better or perfect manner. You can integrate the screenshot take by you anywhere you like.

Many Peoples have the habit of taking the screenshot For the sake of the posting it to the social sites or they are playing any game and made any history or

created huge score and then want to send to their friends and just want to keep the screenshot for the purpose of comparing it to others. There may be several reasons also that can be the reasons for taking the screenshot. So, there can be good reason so for that we must know to take the screenshot.

The Screenshot will help you in many ways just by taking those important screenshots and then uploading it on the social media and also it can be legal proof for some of the work so its fun also taking those screenshots on your laptop and using it ion  various ways. So, to full fill your desire we will tell you today that How to Take Screenshot in Laptop with the easy steps and procedures.

How to Take Screenshot in Laptop

Steps For How To Take The Screenshot in Laptop

  1. By Windows Key and the prtsc sysrq Button:- This is the best and easy way to take the screenshot just by pressing these two simple keys that are windows key and the prtsc sysrq buttons. If the screened dimmed after pressing those buttons then the screenshot has been taken. The Image will be stored in the your name folder in which screenshot folder will be there adn then you can edit it or use it in your own way.

2. If you want to just take the screenshot of the only one window.

If you don’t Want an image of everything on your screen, But just want to target one window Then you can do these simple steps:-

  1. Click on the laptop window for which you want to take the screenshot of.
  2. Press Alt+Prntscrn. And after that only that windows images will be captured and then you can place it wherever you want.

3. By snipping Tools:- Click the start menu and then search the windows accessories folder and then select the snipping tool and if you don’t have you can easily download and install it from the google by just typing “Download snipping Tools” and you can easily download and the install it. The snipping tool will have blue scissors with two white ovals beneath with it and then press on that. The select the desired snipping tools which you want to take. Additionally, You can also define a short time delay with the case when you want to take the screenshot of the system or any context menus which disappear when you select the snipping tool. Use your Pointer to select the area for which you want to take the screenshot and manually define the screen capture selection area. Final step, you will be saving the screenshot where ever you will want a save button will be there click on that and your image will be saved.

For Editing The Screenshot in Laptop

After taking the screenshot you need to edit it also the select that image which you want to edit and the open it with the paint and then edit that image and then save it and it will be saved desired place in the Laptop.

Above are the some of the easy steps to capture the screenshot in the laptop and then you can save it to the Laptop In My folder. We want some favor from you that share this article to everyone so that every desired person can get it and can take the advantages of it and share it as much as you can on the social networking sites and Thank you !.

Below is the link for downloading and viewing the Steps for taking the screenshot in your laptop…

How to Print Screen (Screen shot) on a Windows Laptop

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