How to Take Screenshot In Iphone 6

Hello and Welcome to Our post again in this Post we are going to discuss the various ways for taking the screenshot in I phone 6. Many people are using now a days I phone phones it has become a common trend of using this phone and showing the class to other people. The people don’t know the most common thing that is taking the Screenshot with the i phone 6. As this is not mentioned in the cataloger that comes with phone Neither it is told by the person from where you will buy that. That is why in this post i will tell you today How to take screenshot in I phone 6 in very easy steps.

After successful launching of I phone 5 the apple company has launched the new phone that is I phone 6 with new feature upgraded and also with imp-roved quality and became a new revolution in the electronic gadget field. In this there comes a option of taking the screenshot which is the most deadliest weapon for today’s new generation.The Screenshot will help you in many ways just by taking those important screenshots and then uploading it on the social media sharing it with the close friends or with the public to gain popularity and also it can be legal proof for some of the work so its fun also taking those screenshots on your laptop and using it in various ways. So, to full fill your desire we will tell you today that we will let you know about the screenshot in I phone with the easy steps and procedures.

Screenshot In Iphone 6

Apple has made taking a screenshot on your iPhone easy. Doing so allows you to capture what is display in your screen as a PNG file, so you can quickly edit and image sharing among friends via email, text, or on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Regardless of the reasoning, here is everything you need to know.

A screenshot is the most deadliest weapon for this generation of 21st century. It can be used in many ways like if you are surfing on Instagram or Facebook and you have seen some interesting Posts and you want to share it with the others and also you want to share it as your status So for that purposes you can use the screenshot.

In this post we will share steps for taking the screenshot and then you can use those at your choices.

How To Take Screenshot with I phone 6

These are few simple steps by following which you can take the screenshots:-

Step 1:-The first and foremost thing which you want to do is to open the page, application and any particular thing for which you want to take the screenshot.

Step 2:- Now in the second step what you need to do is arrange all the things in the proper manner in the way in which you want to take the screenshot and schedule your every thing in systematic way.

Step 3:- To take a screenshot with your iPhone 6, press and hold the Power button which is available (on the right) and then click the Home button. You should click at the same time simultaneously at the same time.  You can do it the other way around, but if you are trying to take a screenshot of your Lock screen, Touch ID might kick in and ruin it for you.

Step 4:- You have to hold those button for some seconds then the screen will blink white and then all the work is done means your screenshot process is complete.

So, From the above steps you can simply take the screenshot and then it will be automatically saved and you can use it in your own way. But always remember one thing every good side has some bad effects also so always keep doing things for a right cause otherwise it will have a adverse/bad effect on it. You can share our post to others and so that every one can learn these and can use this simple feature. Thank You!

Below is the link for How to Take Screenshot/ I phone- Tips

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