How To Screenshot on HP [Phones, PC & Laptop]

Hello and welcome every one to my post again and Every one today in the world is using laptop and pc everywhere for their different purposes and uses But today we will discuss about the widely used brand for laptop and pc that is HP. We will tell you various ways How to Take The Screenshot in HP (Phones, PC & Laptop) and its various uses and with additional knowledge of screenshot. In HP Windows you need to take a screenshot quickly. you will all have trouble with the PrtScn key while taking the screenshot some times it is not working.

A screenshot is the image of the computer screen on which you are currently working or for which you want to take the images. it can be several time very useful or helpful if you want to share the contents of your screen with some other friends. Now in this article we will show you various ways for taking the Screenshots in HP.There are various reasons other than the above to capture the all parts of your screen and of your windows.

In day to day life Many times it is very helpful and also it is time-saving to take a screenshot of your laptop. People who are using the Hp laptops or pc’s find it an easy way to save their time in a better way. Taking a screenshot of your laptop may be necessary while you are browsing the net or filling the online forms or making a presentation for your college school or for any company. It comes as a very handy tool that will let you project anything that is on your screen in a better or perfect manner. You can use the screenshot taken by you anywhere you like.

There may be several reasons also that can be the reasons for taking the screenshot. So, there can be good reason so for that we must know to take the screenshot. As many people uses this as they are playing any game or on the social networking sites or any other website and found something interesting and want to keep with them just for fun or want to share it as status or show to their friend on the social site and also to show to other people.

It is now a days trend that people wants to share mostly things on the social media or save some thing for the evidence as if there something objectionable there. Whatever the reasons may be but you want to take the screenshots. it can be legal proof for some of the work so its fun also taking those Screenshots on your HP laptop of windows 7 or Higher and using it in various ways. So, to full fill your desire we will tell you that How to Take Screenshot in HP with the easy steps and procedures.

How To Take The Screenshot in HP (LAPTOP/PC)

1. Through Function key and the Home prntsc Button:-Saves everything quickly and instantly available on the screen For performing the above activity you first need to do by pressing the Function key + prntsc immediately and it will immediately saves everything available on the screen which is currently displayed on the page with full contents. The screenshot which you have taken will be saved in the PNG format in the pictures of screenshot with folder name inside it in your profile. Then you can edit it also with the help of the Paint tool.

How to Take The Screenshot in HP (Phones)

To take Screenshot in HP Phones you just need to do simple steps Press lower volume button and power off/on button and open the page for which you want to take the screenshot and press those two buttons at the same time. The screen will be dimmed when you will press the button then the screenshot will be taken and you can view that screenshot in screenshot folder of your gallery folder.

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