How to take screenshot on Chrome OS

Hello everyone today we are going to discuss how you to screenshot on Chromebook. There are several types of software out there that tends to be used all right and also which tends to be employed in an evolving rate. Microsoft has Windows, and Apple has Mac OS. But then there is a new competitor in the game and its none other than Google. Google came out with their software called as Chrome OS which is a Linux-based operating system. It wasn’t there for a long time but was recently announced in 2009.

The early version of the Chromebook was manufactured by Samsung and Asus but wasn’t July 2011. But the software also wasn’t available if you wanted the software Google wouldn’t let you have it and would have to but the Chromebook instead. But ever since the Advent of the Chromebook everything was different like right from the roots of the device to everything. All the steps to access or copy paste or to even open anything was entirely new and unique. The designers spent a lot of time and research on how the look of this was going to be and what would be the physical features and functioning of this OS. Here you will actually learn about how to take a screenshot on a chromebook.

The design of this operating system was to get a single strip of tabs that could be stranded onto one single bar and use the least amount of space in the display. Rather than making it a two tab screen, the design let’s made everything into a one single beautifully executed operating system. Secondary operations would be handled in through panels n make it even the looks department but making it even more efficient in the performance as wellof development was that the software could create multi task side by side as two scrcould execute operations at a faster rate. The idea of Google did as this allowed many of the web applications to become the default applications on the operating system itself.

The software could handle background processing and also enable notifications if there were any that you even wanted to notify you. As the days passed and the operating system got more and more interesting as now you could perform multiple tasks depending on your usage, use a small window or a wide angle one to fit the display of your monitor. All this was now left to the user to decide whether or not they wanted to have a big screen or stay with the default theme. There were a lot of enhancements as there was room for development as they tend to make the Chromebooks faster mad better and very user-friendly. It made Linux a full based platform for developers to apps onto the Chromebook. But with the advancements in other fields, there was one thing that was still a mystery on how could you possibly perform it on the Chromebook. And that was the ability for the user to take a screenshot on the Chrome OS.

Steps to capture Screenshot of Chrome OS

It was challenging task as they needed to uniquely design every aspect of the software and not make it any same as the ones that you could find on Windows or Apple. So Google decided it’s own tricks to make sure that it was unique on how an individual could take a screenshot on chromebook of the display. There were several other aspects which had to he had tackled before this feature was even invented or implemented onto the laptop. As the complete software was build from scratch and was on a Linux-based operating system so yes everything is made to suit the user rather different approach. So given below are the various and different kinds of ways that you can use to take the screenshot in chrome.

  1. To take a screenshot of the full display.
  2. For this feature to even work on the Chrome OS, you first need to decide that what is going to be in the screenshot that you are going to take.
  3. Then press the Ctrl button and along with that itch window button. It is Google’s new take on the screenshot button as this was what they had come up with instead of using a prntscrn button. The switch window button is a button that is in on the top row and also right on the left-hand side of the reduce brightness button and on -screen button.
  4. Once all this is done then the image gets saved into the downloads folder. For you to get to know that the screenshot is captured or not a notification will appear in the right-hand corner of the display which will tell you that your screenshot is in the downloads folder. But if you feel like accessing it then you need to click on the notifications bar and then go to the downloads folder and from there access the image. But note that the picture that you saved gets saved locally and also won’t be saved to your Google Drive. Hence it needs to be moved there manually.
  5. Taking a partial screenshot of your screen.

This was a method on how to screenshot in chrome.

There are ways in which you can also take a screenshot on a chromebook of what you want and also include the components of what matters to you. It came in later off the development stages and wasn’t there in the original version. But later when they gave a new facelift of the Chrome OS this feature was included. Below are the steps uch that it can help you in taking g a partial screenshot of the display.

  1. Firstly press the is push the switch window button.
  2. After you press all of this, you will see that the Chrome OS cursor will turn into a crosshair. This meaning to say that you can select any ssizes of the display and also select what you want inside the screenshot as well. Once the screenshot has been taken a notification will pop up saying g that your screenshot has been saved in the downloads folder. When that is displayed, you can then click on the notifications bar and then select the downloads folder and click on the image that has just been saved a screenshot. The name with being in the format of year month and day and also the time. But before you click the screenshot, you need to make sure that you let go of the the urge of aborting the screenshot then simply just press the escape button just not to take the screenshot.
  3. How to copy a screenshot.

Manier times you might have the urgency to take the screenshot and place Ipossible for the screenshot to be edited in tware as well at that time this comes very handy. To copy a screenshot just follow the steps that are below.

  1. Firstly press the
  2. It ensures that the screenshot has been taken.
  3. Then when the notification has been shown, there will be an option of actually copying the image to the clipboard. You can click here. Or you can go to the downloads folder where all the screenshots are available. The press Ctrl button and then press the C button to copy the image.
  4. Later to paste it, press the Ctrl button and then press the V button to paste the image onto the selected software or app.
  5. Usage of external keyboards

As the Advent of Chrome OS took place, there were several other product ls which were released along with it to ensure that the operating system runs well and efficient. There was not only the Advent of the chrome book, but also there is a desktop version of it known as the Chromebox. It is nothing but OS was classified into ahaving its own system where it could work. But then the keyboard which came with it was something different and had no connection whatsoever to the Chromebook. If you plugged in an external keyboard to the Chromebook, then everything works just fine as the function let’s tend to change their functionality and the switch window button also becomes one of the function keys. So the right way to a screenshot through this external keyboard would be by pressing the Ctrl button along with the switch window button which also the F5 button.

  1. Other tools that can help you out with taking a screenshot on chomebook.

There are several other apps out there which can be used as native apps on the Chromebook. It isLinux and even in Linux you can hey the best of everything by downloading a special software to take the screenshots for you. Some of these ha my tools are given below which can help you to take screenshots without any problems as the in-house capability of taking a screenshot can be inefficient at times.

  1. Clipular – This is something like Photoshop of the chrome worldyou could find on the editing apps. This app also allows you to save the screenshot directly to your Google Drive.
  2. Fireshot – This one handy tool as it tends to give you more coverage and also enables you to take a huge screenshot with breaking it down to multiple screenshots. It comes handy when you have to to a screenshot of two more desktops which are attached.
  3. Pixlr – This is an online photo editing tool with much more advanced tools and much powerful that the one which you might find on the Chrome OS.
  4. Awesome screenshot minus –┬áThis app is very useful if you possess a Chromebook which has a touch screen on it. It I range of editing features and also makes sure that everything is smooth and something on the go and keep it safe online.

So these were all the steps on how to take a screenshot on chromebook, if you have any query regarding the same you can leave a comment below we will reply to you at the earliest.


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