How to take screenshot on Android

The world as we know is nothing but a further Innovation and further advancements Into the future. Here you will get to know about how to screenshot on android, but before that let’s understand some of the facts. As development began, there were newer and newer products which kept on coming out and one major product what got out were functions of mobile phone it to talk to another person over a distance such that connectivity isn’t lost and you can hear far off distances without any problems. But when the mobile came out it was nice as this made sure that everyone was connected with each other and manufacturers made newer and newer inventions every day to add music or video player or something or the other just to make their product sell.

But one company knew that there is and of something much more bigger than this. A stable platform on which you can use anything and everything and also take the best of everything and design your skin on the stable floor. This company was none other than Google. Google bought a company bought Android Inc in 2005 and showcased Android on 2007. In that time gap, Android was setting a margin for mobile phones which had the ability of touch in them.


Different ways to take screenshot on Android

Below are some of the different ways that you can take into consideration while taking a screenshot on android.

  1. Using the stock Android way of taking a screenshot.

Means to say that Android also comes with ways by which you can take a screenshot android, and it will directly get saved into your phone. To take a screenshot just press the volume down button and the home button together at the same time to trigger this feature. If you don’t do this properly, it might tend the volume to go down or the device to come to Bak to the home screen itself. But after you take the screenshot the image what has been captured goes directly into the gallery of your phone and depending on your storage settings gets stored at the particular place gallery has screenshots where you can find all sorts of the screenshot so that you might have taken. This is one of the simplest way on how to take a screenshot on android.

  1. Taking screenshots through manufacturers shortcuts.

It is not common with all the types of Android smartphone That you might find out there, but these are the standard ways of actually taking a screenshot assigned by the manufacturer. Other than Samsung who has a power and a home button to be pressed at the same time to take a screenshot on android, other companies like Sony implement power off button for about 5 seconds. Then you will find an option of taking a screenshot. After you press that the screen on which your in will be screenshotted and the image goes and gets saved in the gallery under the screenshot folder. But this screenshotting might be risky as at the time you may tend to switch off the device and is risky as well.

  1. Root your phone to add your methods of taking a screenshot android.

Well to start off with this. It is a process of replacing the software with which the phone comes with and adding your software. It is risky and also unique. Risky as in the software that you might add in the phone may no be Abel to run that smoothly and cause the phone to crash a lot more frequently. As some of the designers of smartphones tend to keep away from routers in rooting their products. All this warranty of you can’t get Bak the original version of your phone. But the unique way is that if everything goes well, you can use your software which no one else possesses. Moreover, you can implement as the software is yours and it will work only with your commands. It is why Android is ruling the domain of the smartphone business and is flexible at all costs. And hence this makes it very easy for you to personalise it to any way possible and also can adhere to your way of usage if a phone. But ensure that the software that you put has no impact on the overall performance as it may get affected and damage the product in general.

  1. To download apps from the app store for taking screenshots.

The app store consists of over a billion different apps that you can download and use. Most of them have some specific task of taking a screenshot. They can vary from different t features and also make sure that they have the best outcome from it. Some offer a timed screenshot while others might allow you to take a screenshot and edit it that way you might like it. And some does everything from taking a screenshot on android, editing it and then sharing it across all social networking sites. So the choice is yours on which one to choose and what should be the best app for you that could get might be looking.

  1. Trying the personal assistant who comes with some of the phones to fake a screenshot.

Manier times what happens is that huge phones aren’t accessible throughout but require a good reach of hands to fake a particular screenshot. by using a personal assistant. It comes with most of the phones as they tend to provide this so that there is more convenience in using them. circle which houses all the necessary features that you might use from day to day Life. Such a screenshot, switching between apps, making the phone go to sleep and so on. So many times screenshots can be taken from here by just opening the screen that you want to take the screenshot of and then from the personal assistant select the screenshot option such that the screenshot is taken and stored in the gallery of your device under the screenshot folder.

  1. Various other advanced gestures.

Samsung has been the pioneer in innovation in the smartphone industry right behind Apple. They have a lot of tricks up their sleeves and also have the ability to make a smartphone that I’ll last for a long, long time. But the screenshot ability in these phones varies from several different ways. Some of which might as well be using the power and home button to take a screenshot or the more advanced way which came out with the Note product line, the gesture mode. How this works is that you just draw an S on the screen that you want to be screenshotted and the phone automatically takes a screenshot and saves it in your gallery in the screenshot folder. But there are other gestures such as the three fingers screenshot taker. What this does is that I’d you swipe down using three fingers at the same time it to a screenshot and saves it to the designated place where it has to be stored that might be the phone or the cloud.


So these were the methods of how to take a screenshot android. Let’s also understand some of the major points about android phone.

When Android was released much thought, it want to see movies or listen to songs on something that you use only to make calls. But sooner than you know it, Android nearly crashed the market with its outstanding capability of handling all the kinds of operations and also provide a smooth user interface with the user itself. Android was designed on a Linux-based platform which makes it one of the best operating system that can be customized as per your wish and also make it any way that you want it to work. Android is Google, but even now many of the software that does run on the free software of Android tend to run smoothly but miss out on the capability of accessing Google play store or any other Google apps for that case.

Android is very feasible with the companies that are looking out for software that is fast elegant and also customizable at any way possible but have that feel of using a high-end smartphone. Its open nature source code has embalmed developers to take interest in developing applications for the software itself and come out it newer and newer gestures or applications which make the software and the mobile itself run faster while saving a lot of battery life and optimizing efficient at it’s best. But at a time away happens is that the software that is designed for a phone tends not to raise the specs are a way to high or low for the software to run and doesn’t give us the that are required for it to run.

It caused several wars between many smartphone manufacturers on who would make the best smartphone. But all this comes down to the user interface of how you are good at programming the OS and also making it the best in it’s on the way. Since the Advent of Android, there is a lot of advancements in the Android OS itself. As when time goes by there is newer and newer hardware coming out which can process a lot of memory in a lot less time and still be running without any lag, so Android as to be updated on a regular basis to make it the latest of versions and also eliminate any sort of bug that might be there and might cause problem in the functionality of your device. The layout of the Android OS is plain n simple. Stock Android is what Google offers with their phones is something which is just plain and at it’s best. In this, you can apply any skin and personalize it to whatever extent you want it. Root the phone to add some other software of your choice.

Make an entirely new phone, and Android will run flawlessly without any lag if the coding is done right. And Soo This made Android popular and also made it the bat at what you get out there. When you switch on an Android device, it boots up to a home screen from which you can access all your important work and get the job done without doing much at all. The Android interface is filled with apps n widgets. Apps are the ones that you can download from the play store and widgets are the ones that can have the inbuilt functionality of an app directly onto the home screen of your device. Some of the apps and widgets come preinstalled. And then comes the home screen where a user can ensure that they can have multiple home screen and swipe back and forth to access it without any lag.

But all this can be altered according to your wish as there are many third party all developers who tend to design and upload apps that tend to make your home screen and they look alike however you want it to look. But mostly what manufacturers do is that they tend to make their skins n them much more appealing to the consumers as this is they way of showing their dominance in the market. But when you put all of this together there are several other features which can be used in day to day Life. Also, there are a lot of gestures through which most of the work becomes easy. But talking about gestures let’s take a n Android device. There are several ways and many different ways of companies tend to make it very easy for their customers to have these gestures all throughout. Some of the ways are given below.

Hence there are several ways by which a  android screenshot can be taken, depending on your phone, if any query you can leave a comment below we will repky to you at the earliest.


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