How to a Take Screenshot on Windows

How to screenshot on PC: A screenshot is the ability to capture the image what is being displayed on the monitor and to edit it and to share it are secondary options but depending on the software the screenshot methods vary. In some OS’s you have the power to take direct images without any help of any software by just pressing a button but on an operating system like Linux, you sure do need a software to help you with the task of even getting anything captured.

Primarily talking about windows in this context, windows has always been the major go-to OS for any sort of work or developing applications, etc. Ever since the Advent of windows to the world, tasks haven’t been much simpler to get over with, workloads reduced the rate of calculation what it could do was insanely fast and quick, much better UI interaction resulting in one of the best that was out there. The special features that the OS held were a little too many that it was a fun task to even explore them and to even get a hang off, but they don’t have nay lengthy methods to even remember, plain simple and clean was the look that it was given. So here we are going to discuss some of the methods on How do you screenshot on a PC.

How to capture a screenshot on Windows

When it comes to windows there are several ways with which you can take a screenshot on pc as the OS is designed in a way that users can customize it in any way possible as per their liking and also have the ability to modify the entire UI itself with a number of customization options and also a number of features to get along with and adapt to as per your liking. There are several ways and what we call solutions to your query how to take screenshot on windows. Some of them are listed below –

(A). There are quite a lot of keyboard option which you can use and generally get the job done. At times these keys don’t tend to work but with the help of software, you can easily capture images like a pro.

(B). Using the print screen button would be the general approach to actually taking a screenshot in windows but generally, that doesn’t apply on all the computers. They might have various other different ways like pressing Ctrl + print screen button which might be required for some computers. Ok pressing these button the computer takes the screenshot of whatever is displayed on that screen and gets copied to the clipboard or gets saved to the assigned directory. Later you can do some basic editing and share the image also if you like. This is one of the most easiest way how to screenshot on windows.

(C). Alt + print screen button also helps in the taking of a screenshot as in most of the computers, the programming of simply using the print screen button may not be available. This function also does the same job as saving it to clipboard or saving it to the assigned folder which generally can be accessed later. The picture can be opened in the paint to perform any sort of editing that could be performed in paint.

(D). For laptops and other PC’s which have a Fn key, there is an alternative to which you can take screenshots with. As on a laptop, everything is compressed and there is not space for a dedicated button. So there is a need to press the FN key and the print screen button to actually capture the image. FN + print screen button ( an equivalent of pressing the print screen button as it captures the entire screen as saves it to an assigned folder), FN + windows + print screen button ( this enables the captured image to be directly stored on the hard drive of the co router without using any tools whatsoever. All the images captured are stored in a separate folder known as a screenshot. This can be performed on a normal keyboard to by pressing windows + print screen button), Fn + alt + print screen button ( this enables the computer to take a screenshot of an active window. This is the same thing as pressing alt + print screen button ). Sometimes the print screen button may not directly work as the FN key is a lock to the screenshot button. The print screen button may be assigned for a different take all together, on pressing along with FN key, it activates the screenshot ability of the computer and this can easily solve your query on how to screenshot on a PC.

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With the Advent of windows and it’s ever growing diamond of the OS industry, Microsoft came out with its own line of products. These were introduced to give competition to other tech Giants such as Apple, Dell, etc. The surface and the surface pro were the first tablet/laptop to be ever made in-house by Microsoft. These were self-efficient in their own ways as they had all the latest updates of the current demands in a laptop. Microsoft also has their own mobile range of products which branded the Lumia name ( now Microsoft ). Below are some of the ways in which you can take screenshots on these platforms too.

(A). On the surface models, there is no print screen button due to its compact design. But there are several shortcuts through which you can actually take a screenshot. FN + spacebar ( copies the captured image directly onto your clipboard such that Sharing and pasting is done faster without any use other applications. Some as pressing the print screen button), FN + alt + spacebar ( saves the image of the active screen onto the clipboard which generally can be pasted into another window. Same as pressing alt + print screen button ).

(B). On the Lumia range of models which had an excellent user interface, but lack of apps sure did see take decline. By holding the power buttons and the home key, you could capture a screenshot but that was in windows 8 on the mobiles. On the Advent of windows 10, the lower volume key + power button became the screenshot capturing buttons. The images were generally saved in the gallery of the device and could be edited and shared as per one’s liking.

As the years went by windows kept upgrading itself from one generation to another and it’s current OS windows 10 sure does have a lot of unique features and abilities to perform and execute the task in no time at all. But in the are of taking screenshots, there are shortcuts in which you can capture images. On pressing the windows + shift + S buttons the screen is slightly dimmed and on hovering the cursor over a particular region the image is captured as per your liking and also enables you like share it or edit it as the captured image is directly copied to your clipboard.

(E). There are a lot of tools also which helps in actually Capturing a screenshot. A snipping tool comes in handy as it’s readily available with the OS. Just click on the search bar to get the application then there are various options through which you and actually take a screenshot of rectangular or spherical or free form etc. This does the park in no time and the image is directly copied to the assigned folder for all screenshots.

(F). If you are using a surface tablet or windows tablet and want to take a screenshot there are various options through which it can be made possible such as by using the above-mentioned snipping tool ( not that great as it is touch and even the snipping tool window might be captured in the image ), or by manually taking a screenshot but pressing the volume down button and windows button which generally lowers the brightness of the screen and snaps a image which is saved in the screenshot folder of the device which can accessed at any point of time and edited also.

(G). To take screenshots by using share charm which helped in taking a screenshot of video’s and other general things and share it directly as this is an inbuilt feature only for windows 8.1 which allows you to take a direct screenshot or a partial one and share it in relation time.

(H). If you have the windows 10 creators update then the screenshot ability is something unique and different as by pressing the windows + alt + print screen button, the screenshot is not only taken but display a dialogue box on the bottom of the green whether to record or to just take a screenshot. This comes handy when your live streaming or you want to record a gameplay, etc. But a handy feature through which you can share, edit and also copy paste it in another section of the images or videos recorded through this are saved in your video library. This may also get synced through all your devices if there is auto sync turned on your one drive ( Microsoft online storage house ).

Started by Bill Gates, the company took off majorly with the Advent of windows 1, windows 2, etc that was in the early 90’s when the company started to make it much better and much more reliable for the general public to use. With the Advent of windows 98, windows XP, etc came with a while newly revamped liftoff of windows UI with a whole lot of new features that got the edge over other competitors. They introduced notepad for taking down texts or other information, the photo editing app to get the little changes, gave it its own DVD drive along with updated graphic cards and a higher processing rate speed, a much better a sleek look UI that brought a lot of people’s attention.

But with the Advent of newer and newer features, the one main feature what it missed out on was the introduction of screenshots that could be useful in several ways and also make it really easy to show and interact with direct data all with the help of the image that has been captured. The screenshot was introduced in the early stages of the XP era where it was really tough to even get one image captured, but as time progressed the ability to actually take a picture became really easy all with the help of a button which was on your keyboard. Screenshot became much easier to take and hence the problem was solved.

To wrap it up, Microsoft surely has Excel with its contribution of windows and also enabled a lot of features which can be executed with no struggle at all. All the images captured are in real time and are in the highest of qualities. They provide various modification abilities and also help in sharing on all social media. So these were all the methods by which you cabn learn How to take a screenshot on a PC especially windows. If you have any query regarding the process you can leave a comment below, we will you at the earliest.



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