How to take Screenshot on Mac

Here we are going to provide all the different types of methods for taking a screenshot on mac. The ability to capture something on the screen and to save it such that it can be used later in real time is something that is termed as a screenshot. The screenshot wasn’t available to all the various kinds of platforms but first came out in the Mobile phone and cell phone and then got adapted to computers. But they can be tricky even to capture anything at all. Sometimes it may not apply to the picture, or it may lead to some or the other problem. But this was a cross various platforms as the ability of screenshotting something was very different in many platforms.

Phones had it on their side buttons where as computers used keyboards or onscreen screenshots methods to get the job done. Even mobile phones had on screen button that made this possible, but in the end, you have to take off your hand quickly for the screenshot to even take place. Even on mobile phones, the ability to screenshot never came in till the Advent of touch screen phones. It revolutionised the way we looked at phones and also without any problems. Everything was just at our finger tips.

But this is for the mobile phones era, but for computers, there are only two major seeling brands in this present generation. Windows and Mac OS. These both have been the pioneers in what they do best and also wealth and in business. Most of the times they tend even to copy each other as well but then it doesn’t seem to be the exact things but just a pinch of the idea to replicate something new and better. The ability of screenshots came to computers record whatever you might do on screen. But then ever since the Advent of the screenshot, there has been significant growth of recording your display videos, etc. It made it possible for computer her to do whatever the felt like doing. Here you will learn how to screenshot mac.

But to take a screenshot, it is every different in both of platforms as they have an entirely different software and the hardware also is a million miles apart as well. All this sums up to say that every manufacturer has his / her way of getting the job done. But in Windows, you just get a button, and you get a screenshot, but in Apple, things don’t just become that simple. Well, it does, but there are few what though which you can take a screenshot. They are easy and quite simple really. They do one require any additional support of this task as the OS is much simple and much better than anything available out there. It provides a much things in the easiest way possible. The software is very reliable and doesn’t need any external care to get through with it. Everything is trimmed down to the core roots and made very simple for each one to make every inch of this software useful.

They have specific functions for each process of the software, and it is smooth and also really redefined. There are no bugs, but only a clean and vibrant look to the entire software of Apple. In general, everything that they do is something remarkable and also really useful. It is achieved by cutting down ample amount of time and speeding up he process to make sure that they tend to deliver the results in the least span of time as well. But all this comes at a price that only a few can afford.

Steps to take screenshot on Mac

But as these newer and newer products keep getting out there are several different ways by which some tasks can be performed and also makes it quite and fast as possible. But the main topic over here is how to take a screenshot on a Mac, and it keys can help you take it or even software that helps you take a screenshot of almost everything that you wish to make. But coming back to taking a screenshot on Mac. It is simple actually as there are plenty of ways for mac screenshot. Some of which are explained in detail below.

Taking a screenshot of an entire screen – To to a screenshot of the fill screen follow the steps

This is one of the first methods for mac screen capture.

  • First press the Cmd button. Which is also known as the Apple key. Then while pressing the Cmd button to push the shift key and then along with these both press 3.
  • After doing all of this, the screenshot appears on the desktop as a .png file.

The image that has been screenshotted tends to be saved as the screen shot with the year it has been taken then the month and then the day and finally the time.png.¬† You can’t make this file and drag it into Photoshop and edit the name of it as you cannot directly do it on screen but need to Photoshop the name of the file entirely.

Screenshot a part of the screen

The second method for taking a screenshot in mac is detailed below.

This mainly helps you in deciding what you want to get the screen shot. The above method could be too much detail for you and not let you clarity for the thing that you want to be clarified. Below are the steps on how to can get this done.

  • Firstly shift button along with the Cmd button and then press 4.
  • Then take the cursor or the mouse that appears on the screen and tend to drag in whatever you want to be screen shot. The saved screenshot will the format of year-month-day- time at which the screenshot has been taken.

The only way that can be done to make sure that you get a proper screenshot of what you desire. More or less you can let go of the keyboard keys when the rectangular box appears and with the mouse start to drag on the required area that you want it to be a screen shot on mac. Then after you selected the area then press the space bar, it will let you drag the selected area around and allow you to your screen shot. But I’d you want to abort the screen shot then just press escape and no image will be captured or generated.

The measurement of screenshot size

Third method for screen capture on mac, have a look below.

The measuring of the screen shot is easy as you can decide as to what pixel density do you want the Image to be. While you pull the rectangular box down while pressing the Cmd button and shift button along with 4 and drag the box, on the bottom right corner you will see a small decide what kind of picture is it going to take and what will be the quality of the screenshot that it to be taken.

Till now you must have understood most of the methods on how you can do screenshot on mac.

Screenshot a window

If out want to screenshot a particular window without taking anything else into account t then follow these steps, and

  • Press the Cmd button along with the shift button and press 4.
  • When the rectangular box appears on the screen, press the spacebar.
  • After this place the rectangular box over the window that you want to take a screenshot and then press the left click of the mouse.
  • It will ensure that the screenshot with a shadow effect will appear in the saved image which will be stored on the desktop under the file name.png.

But then if this doesn’t seem o do the trick then press the Cmd button along with the shift button and press 4. Then a rectangular box box tends to convert to a camera and where you move the camera the window tends to look with a blue color. It can be taken as a screenshot as only the highlighted part is what the screenshot is taken. And the saved image will have a nice shadow effect result.

But what if you don’t require that end of the saved screenshot. Then follow these steps.

  • Press the Cmd button along with the shift button and press 4.
  • After then when the rectangular box appears don’t press the space bar directly but push the alt button and then the space bar.
  • Then hover the cursor to the selected window and then take the screenshot.
  • It will ensure that the screenshot saved will have no shadows whatsoever.

Screenshot of a drop down menu – To take a screenshot on a mac of a drop down menu is easy and not that tough at all.

  • Firstly press the Cmd button along with the shift button and press 4.
  • When a rectangular box appears, press the space bar.
  • Move the rectangular box to the drop down box, and then it’ll take the screenshot of the drop down box that you like.

How to take a timed screenshot – To take a timed screenshot there is nothing much you can do but use the screen grab app which comes with the software. It enables you to fake timed screenshots and also make sure that you get enough time to position everything on the desktop before taking any screenshot. The deadline is at about 10 seconds.

Saving screenshots to pasteboard – Well the prntscrn button works a bit different on the Mac as it has the functionality to save the image to the pasteboard. Pasteboard is nothing but a place where your image gets copied to and you can then late it anywhere you would like as in a document or any editing app. It is just like copy and pastes like what you would find in Windows. But with Apple, everything is just different. Below are the steps why which this is possible.

  • Firstly press the Cmd button along with the shift button and press 4.
  • The as the rectangular box appears to press the Ctrl button and drag along what you want it to be copied to the pasteboard.
  • As soon you release the buttons the screenshot is captured into you pasteboard which can be used to paste it anywhere.

Till now these are methods to screen capture mac, you can also refer the below given video if any query is still there for how to do a screenshot on a mac.

Hence by these ways you can take how many ever screenshot on a mac you would like and also save it where ever you want. It makes it efficient and more organized as the screenshot that is taken don’t remember to take up much space but gives a clear image on what has to be done. But then, in general, the screenshots are always stored on the desktop, and the storage can be changed as per one’s liking.

For any query regarding the post how to take a screenshot on a mac you can leave a comment below we will reply you at the earliest.



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