How to Take screenshot in iPhone X

The latest version of iPhone which has come in the list of iPhone is iPhone X , iOS is one of the most used and one of the best serving platform in the world of iPhone and is most demanded. The latest iPhone in the list of apple series is iPhone X the latest technology of iPhone X is face detection technique as the home button which is always present in the bottom mid of your screen has completely gone from this new model of iPhone X and this new look of iPhone X without home button have a great benefit as it provides you an uninterrupted screen or display to use and you will be going to get an extremely large screen.

This small change of iPhone X has made lots of changes which will affect your everyday tasks over the phone although Apple has provided a guide mentioning all basic information and steps how to use of performing your tasks , you will be going to get all of the basic information in this guide but there is one important thing which is missing in this guide that is how to take screenshot. A screenshot has become an essential part of our lives and our phone gallery whenever we like anything on our screen the first step we do is taking a screenshot or if we wanted to save anything for memory then nothing can serve better then screenshot it is truly said that screenshot are the deadliest weapon of a new generation.

Now, you may he also one who is thinking about this problem and still finding a solution for this but you need not worry as we are here with the solution of your problem, here we are to solve your problem today in this article we are going to tell you how you can take screenshot in your iPhone X.

Take the screenshot in iPhone X

In the previous iPhone there was a home button in which you were able to take screenshot by pressing home button and power button simultaneously but in this new iPhone X the functions are completely different as you are not going to have home button in this model so now, we are going to give you stepwise information with help of which you will be able to take screenshot just follow below steps :

Step – 1 : First of all you have to open the particular app, screen or anything which you wanted to capture and save it for you.

Step – 2 : Now , set each and everything in the same manner in which you wanted to capture it so schedule everything properly.

Step – 3 : Next, you have to press the side button which is present at the right side of your iPhone X and hold it for some time.

Step – 4 : After it on the same time you are required to click on the other left side button of your iPhone X which is a volume button from where you have to press the Volume Up button. So , you have to click both buttons simultaneously.

Step – 5 : When you press both buttons simultaneously you will see a white color light will blink and by this it is proved that you have taken the screenshot successfully.


So , this is all that you have to do just simply follow the above steps and you will be able to take screenshot in your iPhone X , by this you have taken a screenshot in your apple device. As , we know that screenshot has become a very important part of our life and at various moments we are required to take screenshot and it is better to know properly that how we can take screenshot in your device as it may be possible that in lack of knowledge you do something wrong and this can create an adverse effect on your device.

Therefore , we have provided you the full and complete guide by which you are able to take screenshot easily on your iPhone X without even having home button. It is a very simple and easy task to do so hope you will not face any kind of problem but if occurs then you can easily contact to us and we are there for your help.

How to take Screenshot in Iphone X

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