How to Take Screenshot on GNOME

Are you getting tired in search to take how to take screenshot on GNOME on many websites then, you will feel relax to listen that we are here for helping you in your desires that’s why we are providing relevant information regarding to your search and we hope you will satisfy from our given information and you will never need to search for how to take GNOME screenshot then, folks, it is not a very typical task to do and we have made all the answers regarding your queries, we analyzed that which type of problem people use to face in taking screenshot on GNOME after that we have written this page for your assistance because we think that technology field mostly create confusion in the mind of people and we also believe that sometimes we think that the problem is too much big and that work was very easy, it means work becomes hard until we don’t know the process of working done then, for understanding better to about how to take screenshot on GNOME, please have a look below:

GNOME was originally known as GNU Network object model environment which has been introduced GNOME project and this software composed of both volunteers paid and free. It is an innovative idea in the field of the technology sector, it is a very interesting part of GNOME project and the popularity of GNOME spread over the world.

Steps to take screenshot on GNOME

You can take a picture of screen which is as known as screenshot with the help of GNOME and you may record a video clip which is known as screencast of your screen according to your desire and we love to help you in your dreams, this is really very very useful to show something to someone like a problem occurs in front of you through the computer screen during office work then you may use this screenshot to your boss for excusing problems and sometimes you wanna learn something from someone on the computer and he or she is too much far from then work is most important which wanna learn from his or her computer then you may use the option of screencast now, look below for learning how to do GNOME screen capture.


  1. Switch on your computer after that look at the window
  2. After watching the window just click screenshot from the menu of activities overview
  3. Look in the screenshot window and grab the space on which you need to take a screenshot or if you have not selected your desireable area for screenshot then, you may drag the pointer for taking your screenshot and taking your area in the pointer, leave the pointer.
  4. In the window on which screenshot saved, enter a filename which you wanna give the name to that file for example that file belongs to some of your office document then you may give the name of the file to office file and choose a folder on which you want to save that screenshot and you may create a new folder for every type of screenshot, then click Save and you have a second, if you want to import a screenshot then you may import the screenshot direct into an image-editing application like photoshop, paint without saving it. Click Copy option at the time Clipboard visible on your screen then paste the image in the other application, or drag the screenshot thumbnail to the application on which you wanna edit it.


Keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshot

There are some keyboard shortcuts by which you can say as GNOME screenshot tool, you may take the screenshot on your personal computer or your lap and those shortcut tips are listed below then please have a glance below for better understanding of taking screenshot on your laptop or desktop computer screen.


  1. There is key which is known as print screen but when you want see this key in your keyboard then,  this key will be visible on the top of your keyboard of your computer or laptop and this key is mostly visible you at the very top in your keyboard and second key from the right hand side, you may be confused in finding this key because this key not having the tag of print screen because print screen is a big word that’s why hardware designers suggest a name for them insert and some keyboards have the tagging of this second key from right hand side “prt sc” which means print screen and this have a lot of functions and this is as known as print screen key then, we are making you understand that what is its role of this special key in taking screenshot then, first of all make that print screen button in your glance.
  2. Secondly, you need to open that page on which you want to take the screenshot on GNOME then gently, press screenshot key which is usually known as print screen key and open an image editing software like microsoft paint, corel, etc and just a click on the blank page on that software and simply press right click of your mouse and there will be drop down list appear on your computer screen a option visible in that drop down list which is usually known as “paste” then, you need to click on that “paste” button after clicking on the paste option, you will see that which image you have taken in the form of screenshot, that image will be visible on the blank page of your software and now, there is one more query coming in your mind that how may you save that image on in your hard drive of your computer then, there is not a big issue so, there is no need to worry so much, you only need to save this screenshot image as you usually save images on that software on your drive or online and give the name of that image.


If your keyboard is not working well or you were unable in finding the important key those have I told you then, there is a more for using which have the name “shift” key in this technological world and it also have a lot of uses but we need to clear our topic that how may we take screenshot by this shift key then, please make a notice in your mind that the button of shift mostly visible  rectangular in shape and a tag placed on that key with the tag of shift and if you have tried with both methods printscreen and print screen plus alt then, try this trick more that shift plus print screen together and it’s too much easy to find that key because shift key is usually some big in size.

This thing also that if you not have image folder then, images will directly save into your home folder instead

If you are looking for screencast on GNOME then, we are with you in your search and you never feel helpless ever regarding your search to take screenshot or screencast but mention one thing in your mind that these all things and aspects are only for GNOME users then, other users don’t make your time waist and if you are a GNOME user then, we welcome you in your service and we hope that our help will work and our learnings make you happy and you feel some relax then we think that the time is going on for learning about a new chapter of screencast after screenshot.



The name screencast originated from the technological world and most of the people still don’t know about the meaning of screencast then, first of all, we want to introduce you with this word of screencast then, proceed a step with us in learning about screencast then, you all know about the screenshot, means you the meaning of taking picture of your current screen is known as screenshot which may be useful for you in taking picture of your current screen as well as current screen video is known screencast for instance, you are working some special work on your computer, it may be that work is technical or any kind of special and you want to make this work in the mind of your friend or any other then you may make the video of your current screen by switch on to your screencast feature and we love to help you then, please make your look below for learning of screencast on GNOME.

Screencast on GNOME

This work also starts from the learning about some important keys those all are available in your keyboard because there is no manual way by which you make screencast on GNOME then, you need to make a sharp eye on your keyboard after that We assure you that you easily get the knowledge by which you may easily make your screencast then, please make a look below:


For drawing any screenshot, you need to learn that which type of work you want to do with that screenshot for example, you need to make a video for demonstrating that some work mostly done in 4 hours then, the simple screencast doesn’t work, you need a special software by which you may record a huge video and if you are showing a 30 minutes video or making a video which is not too much wide.

We use normal in-built screencast software for making a new screen video then, please firstly make a phenomena that for which use you need screencast after that you need to learn about the most important key in this screencast which is known as “ctrl” key. This key is well popular and have a lot of functions but our intention is to learn that how to take screencast on GNOME. We should focus on our goal so, you need to learn about that where ctrl key is located in the keyboard and how it works then, firstly, you should make a sharp eye on your keyboard and after that look at very bottom in your keyboard then, you will see a key which is larger in width that’s called space bar and after knowing about space bar you need to look some in the neighbour of spacebar.

You will see that there are some more keys in the level of spacebar and there will be a key which have the tag of “ctrl” that’s called the control key in the technological world of computer then, if you make understand someone or asking about this key then, please call control key instead of ctrl key because you may feel some embracement after the talk because this key is known as control key but visible with “ctrl’ key and if you have found the control key then, make a look for alt key, this key is also in the side of control key it means, for finding this key you need to look at the bottom in your keyboard, near the space, this key will be with the tag of “alt” after making notice on both keys, you need to know about the “shift” key, this key have some different location but we assure you that we are with you in finding shift key on your keyboard then, please make your full concentration on the very left hand keys on your keyboard and after that look over the very last bottom key in very right hand side and then, look at the upper key of from that very bottom key of left hand side.

You will look that a key which is rectangular in shape and have a larger width but not more than spacebar that’s called shift key and please sorry for making a lot of keys in your memory but these all keys are necessary for your operation regarding taking screencast then, make a notice on the last key which is also most important and you all know about that key very well, this key is useful in making “R” alphabet this will be visible in different order in many of the computer machinery then, in order to make screencast, you need to press all the four keys together when will you trying to switch on the recording press all four keys together shift plus ctrl plus alt plus R then, you will that a red transparent screen will be visible on your computer screen and this transparent red screen is showing that how much part has been covered with video recording of your screen, it means you may manipulate the area on which you need to record and when you need to close the recording then, press all those keys again together shift + ctrl + alt + R and your recording will be stopped and saved automatically and now, there is a question is running in your mind that where this video has saved then, please make this thing also in your mind that if you have video folder in your home folder then, it automatically goes there with the file name screecast includes the date and time on which it have taken then, now you may take the screenshot as well as screencast. 

This was all about how to take screenshot on GNOME, if you have any query regarding it you can leave a comment below, we will rply to you at the earliest.

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