How to Take a Screenshot on Chrome Book

Today we are going to discuss about something new in this topic regarding the Screenshot on chrome book. Sometimes, You just need to show someone else the thing that’s on your screen. For performing this task taking the screenshot is the most easiest way of doing this. For that we will discuss today How to Take a Screenshot on Chromebook with easy steps.

A Chromebook is a laptop of a very different origin. Instead of Windows 10 or mac OS, Chromebooks actually run on Google’s Chrome OS. These machines are basically design to be a primarily while connecting to the Internet, with most applications & documents of living in the cloud and have huge storage space.

As we all know taking screenshot has become the new fashion for this new era generation and basically it is also a good thing sometimes in a legal proof. Many people fill some online forms and at the final stage they want to take the screenshot to keep it as the proof for their documents. It can be a legal proof also in some cases. Many people want to take the screenshot of something meaningful post of others or some interesting article or interesting images and want to share it with the other people on some social networking sites Like- Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and others.

In this post today we will discuss how to take screenshot in Chromebook with very simple and easy steps by following which you can easily and quickly learn to take the screenshots.

How to Take the Screenshot On Chromebook

Step 1:- Using the Keywords for taking the screenshot as every Chromebook has some keywords for taking the Screenshots in couple of ways:-

a. For capturing your entire screen, hit ctrl+ window switch key simultaneously at the same time.

b. For capturing just only the one part of the screen, hit ctrl+shift+window switch key, after pressing those keys altogether now click on the screen and drag your cursor towards the area where you would like to capture or want to take the screenshot.

Step 2:- If you are using your chromebook in a tablet mode, then it will be very inconvenient to move the keyboard back around just to take a screenshot. For that it is very fortunate you can just take the screenshot as you are taking in all other android phones, you can just press the power+volume down button for taking up of the screenshot. This capturing the screenshot works only for your whole screen but if you want to take the screenshot in cropped manner then you have to use the keyboard. one thing you must remember in this that orientation of your volume button does not actually changes with the screen orientation you should always remember which side is your volume key buttons.

Step 3:- By using an extension is also a good way of taking the screenshot all the above two will work great for most of the people but however some users also need a bit more power for these actions. In this type of case there are many extensions available with which they can take the screenshot and make a video also and also it works by setting the time as it will be delay your time when you have to take the screenshot.

Step 4:- The fourth way is little expensive but a good way by using one stylus if you are having a chrome-book or sprung for the pixel-book and its pen then you will have a tool available to you in the lower right corner. Inside that open menu, you will come across additional option available with you. From that option available you can select the option for capturing the region of the screen or capture the entire screen.

Step 5:- Always be sure to backup all those screenshot which will be automatically saved to your Download folder of your chrome-book In that you can open any images and edit in your own way.

So, that is all form our side in this topic and we hope you can easily use this feature and Also don’at forget to share it with others and Thank you!

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