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How to take screenshot on iOS

Hey guys, are you wondering about the fact that how to take screenshot on iOS. Then no need to wory more here we are providing you with all the details about screenshot on iOS. IOS is the platform for apples newest technologies to come together and showcase the world what they can truly be capable of doing in the smartphone area. After dominating the computer era over the years, apple decided to take over the mobile industry by introducing the iPhone back in 2007. With the iPhones, the launch which is similar to Android but much faster and had a lot more functionality.

Over the year the software has dominated the market and only been the sole software for Apple alone as well as they have made a lot of developments over the years to make it lag free and also integrate it with the compound of coding to get it fast and smooth with any fluctuations or errors in operations. Hence came the emerging domain of the iOS race. Initially, the software was not a click too many people as it wasn’t that appealing and also didn’t have many people’s liking over it. But then as the company started to make much more profits out of their laptops and other domains they started developing the newer and newer iOS software which was much faster and much smoother than ever before.

The entire source code for this software is written in a C-based program as well as a C++ program. There are gone into the software itself. But this is nothing compared to anything out there. iOS, in general, is smooth and just flows like butter without any lag or errors that might show up. Also, they don’t Ted to have widgets or anything like that which might add up a lot more to the user interface, but a clean and straightforward user interface which has stayed the same since the very beginning of its announcement. There have only been a few changes get in the animationchanges in the performance point of view. Unlike Android, iOS stays with the devices of Apple and isn’t meant to be sold to anyone else. They have the ability to give the best user interface that it could find on the market. Unlike Android, iOS is a software that is directly embedded in the RAM of the device which enables it to be smooth and lag free experience.

But in Android, the software is not embedded in the RAM but tends to use it a lot and not offer much. Apple has grown from a small computer manufacturer to one of the richest and the most powerful domain In the electronic deviceiOS user interface is entirely different provides various kind of features such as swiping up down right left and Soo in with some tricks and tactics which make the experience smooth and free of any bugs as Apple tends to make each version of the iOS better than the last. Ever since the first iPhone released there has been a couple of stant Target in making the software as rich user interface and also making it the best out there. Mainly because they want to the best and secondly they want to show the world what they are capable of doing. In the iOS software, it occupies less space and makes the device fast making no errors whatsoever and also is bug-free but gives you a smooth experience all throughout.

There are hundreds of gestures that can be used in the software and also makes it the best available OS out there. The software also provides a sturdy lock system hat no one can ever gain access into with touch ID and password; they sure do know how to make life easier and better in all the ways possible. The app store of Apple is the best in the world. They have a 100 million apps which can be downloaded for free and doesn’t require any fee to be paid. Moreover, some of the apps do require some fee but once you download then you can download then how many ever time you want. Some of the apps get downloaded for over 130 billion times. Other than this the company ensures that the device is at the top of its class with outstanding products that are available to the consumers. They have namely iPhone and iPad which currently house this type of operating system. It is different t for each one as depending on what you pay for the product you get the benefits. But on the iPhone, you get latest and the best that you could get from Apple. Usually, if any new software is to be released, it tends to go first to the iPhone users as there are plenty of people that use an iPhone in this present generation. For, on the other hand, the iPad is pretty famous, but after software, they are sent out over the air updates. iPhones and iPads, in general, have much greater class as they have the latest and the best from everywhere around the world.


Steps to take screenshot in iOS

Apart from this, there is another functionality of an iPhone as well like you can edit pictures, take photos, etc. But the primary task over here is that we will now look into the iPhone take a screenshot. screenshot ability in an iPhone came later on when Android came out with the idea. More or less iPhone has the same way that you can take a screenshot. But due to their overhaul led software it makes it smooth with amazing animations to get the job done and save a high clarity screenshot in general. Now let’s take a screenshot on iPhone. Some of which are given down below.

  1. Taking screenshots using the physical buttons provided.
  2. Find out the necessary buttons that I’ll help you take a screenshot step as several of you out there know where these buttons are but in the case of you have no clue of an iPhone and don’t know your way around of it then not to worry. The home button is nothing g but the circular round button which is there directly below your scyou to get Bak to your home screen from any page. And then you need to know your power on and off button or Better known as sleep or wake up button. They are housed in the side of the device if you have an iPhone 6 and above model, if not the button is on top for every other model.
  3. To take the screenshot – To take a screenshot first place your fingers onto the home button and then onto the power on or off button. First pressing the home button and the quickly pressing the power on and off button the screen will show a faint white screen and a camera shutter sound will start to play. It indicates that everything is fine and the screenshot has been taken. If it doesn’t go well, you might end of making you iPhone sleep or going back to the home page. It sure does to practice as you might as well be new to the phone.
  4. Viewing the screenshot and sharing – Of everything is gone right then, the captured screenshot will be in the photo gallery of your iPhone which looks like a multicolored sunflower or so. Open the app and then scroll down to the recent of photos that you have taken and click the screenshot that you just took. They enlarge the image, and on the right bottom corner of the screen, you will find a sharing option which lets you share or send the picture to multiple social networking sites and also to the third party apps which you may have downloaded from the app store.

But this was how you would to a screenshot through the means of a physical home button now let’s look at the software buttons or the assistant that you get with the software itself in case you home, or power button doesn’t tend to work. Below are the steps on how we can use this assistant to get the screenshot what you desire.

  1. To find where assistive to is and to active the technology – This is a new personal assistant sort of a thing that allows you to be active or perform various types of gestures and also allows you to activate 3D touch as well. There are many uses of this little gray box but for now. To switch this feature on first, you go to the settings option then move on to the general. After this go to accessibility and in this options, you will find assistive touch. Switch this on. Once you do, you will automatically get a gray box on the side of your screen with a white circle in the center which would look exactly like your home button or somewhat like it. It has various functionality and also is an alternative to the home button of your iPhone.
  2. To know about the usage of this assistive touch – This gray box with circles is the assistive touch and also have also of features which are just at the tip of your fingers. To use this assistive touch to click screenshots. First got you want to take a screenshot of and then follow the steps given below.
  3. To take a screenshot – To take a screenshot through this first go to screen hat you want to take the screenshot. Then click in the assistive touch box and then you will see a device icon, feel that. Once our have pressed that then you will see several other options such as vibrate or gestures, multitasking ( this feature depending on you phone will be there as not all iPhone are capable of having this feature )and then you will see the option of a screenshot. Press this. Once you press it, you will get the same animation what you got when you took a screenshot through the physical buttons.
  4. To view the screenshot, and sharing – The screenshot what you just took will be stored in the gallery of your phone which is in the multicoloured sunflower sort of symbol. When you click this, you get a list of photos that you much as well are taken with your camera or download scroll down to the recent, and you will see your screenshot. You can delete it or share it depending on your wish but If you want to share it then open the image. After you open it, on the bottom right corner, you will see a share option. Click on that, and then this will give you accessibility to send it networking sites which ever you feel like posting or sharing it too.

You can also refer to the following video if still you are not clear how to take a screenshot in iOS.

Other than these methods there are several other methods. The other one is that you can download an app which can allow you to screenshots after a particular time and also let that screenshot be Crystal clear. Let’s you take the screenshot of the highest resolution. There are also apps that allow users to get an OS itself but then this lets you draw freehandedly, and only the daring that you make will be screenshotted and nothing else.

But you might as well be thinking that on an iPad it may be different but it is all the same and also doesn’t require any additional features. Is the above methods to get the screenshot and also can be done at a higher pace. But on an iPad, you will need a lot more practice as they are huge and getting used to it takes a lot of time.

So this was all about how to take screenshot on iOS if you have any query regarding the same you can leave a comment below


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How to take screenshot on Chrome OS

Hello everyone today we are going to discuss how you to screenshot on Chromebook. There are several types of software out there that tends to be used all right and also which tends to be employed in an evolving rate. Microsoft has Windows, and Apple has Mac OS. But then there is a new competitor in the game and its none other than Google. Google came out with their software called as Chrome OS which is a Linux-based operating system. It wasn’t there for a long time but was recently announced in 2009.

The early version of the Chromebook was manufactured by Samsung and Asus but wasn’t July 2011. But the software also wasn’t available if you wanted the software Google wouldn’t let you have it and would have to but the Chromebook instead. But ever since the Advent of the Chromebook everything was different like right from the roots of the device to everything. All the steps to access or copy paste or to even open anything was entirely new and unique. The designers spent a lot of time and research on how the look of this was going to be and what would be the physical features and functioning of this OS. Here you will actually learn about how to take a screenshot on a chromebook.

The design of this operating system was to get a single strip of tabs that could be stranded onto one single bar and use the least amount of space in the display. Rather than making it a two tab screen, the design let’s made everything into a one single beautifully executed operating system. Secondary operations would be handled in through panels n make it even the looks department but making it even more efficient in the performance as wellof development was that the software could create multi task side by side as two scrcould execute operations at a faster rate. The idea of Google did as this allowed many of the web applications to become the default applications on the operating system itself.

The software could handle background processing and also enable notifications if there were any that you even wanted to notify you. As the days passed and the operating system got more and more interesting as now you could perform multiple tasks depending on your usage, use a small window or a wide angle one to fit the display of your monitor. All this was now left to the user to decide whether or not they wanted to have a big screen or stay with the default theme. There were a lot of enhancements as there was room for development as they tend to make the Chromebooks faster mad better and very user-friendly. It made Linux a full based platform for developers to apps onto the Chromebook. But with the advancements in other fields, there was one thing that was still a mystery on how could you possibly perform it on the Chromebook. And that was the ability for the user to take a screenshot on the Chrome OS.

Steps to capture Screenshot of Chrome OS

It was challenging task as they needed to uniquely design every aspect of the software and not make it any same as the ones that you could find on Windows or Apple. So Google decided it’s own tricks to make sure that it was unique on how an individual could take a screenshot on chromebook of the display. There were several other aspects which had to he had tackled before this feature was even invented or implemented onto the laptop. As the complete software was build from scratch and was on a Linux-based operating system so yes everything is made to suit the user rather different approach. So given below are the various and different kinds of ways that you can use to take the screenshot in chrome.

  1. To take a screenshot of the full display.
  2. For this feature to even work on the Chrome OS, you first need to decide that what is going to be in the screenshot that you are going to take.
  3. Then press the Ctrl button and along with that itch window button. It is Google’s new take on the screenshot button as this was what they had come up with instead of using a prntscrn button. The switch window button is a button that is in on the top row and also right on the left-hand side of the reduce brightness button and on -screen button.
  4. Once all this is done then the image gets saved into the downloads folder. For you to get to know that the screenshot is captured or not a notification will appear in the right-hand corner of the display which will tell you that your screenshot is in the downloads folder. But if you feel like accessing it then you need to click on the notifications bar and then go to the downloads folder and from there access the image. But note that the picture that you saved gets saved locally and also won’t be saved to your Google Drive. Hence it needs to be moved there manually.
  5. Taking a partial screenshot of your screen.

This was a method on how to screenshot in chrome.

There are ways in which you can also take a screenshot on a chromebook of what you want and also include the components of what matters to you. It came in later off the development stages and wasn’t there in the original version. But later when they gave a new facelift of the Chrome OS this feature was included. Below are the steps uch that it can help you in taking g a partial screenshot of the display.

  1. Firstly press the is push the switch window button.
  2. After you press all of this, you will see that the Chrome OS cursor will turn into a crosshair. This meaning to say that you can select any ssizes of the display and also select what you want inside the screenshot as well. Once the screenshot has been taken a notification will pop up saying g that your screenshot has been saved in the downloads folder. When that is displayed, you can then click on the notifications bar and then select the downloads folder and click on the image that has just been saved a screenshot. The name with being in the format of year month and day and also the time. But before you click the screenshot, you need to make sure that you let go of the the urge of aborting the screenshot then simply just press the escape button just not to take the screenshot.
  3. How to copy a screenshot.

Manier times you might have the urgency to take the screenshot and place Ipossible for the screenshot to be edited in tware as well at that time this comes very handy. To copy a screenshot just follow the steps that are below.

  1. Firstly press the
  2. It ensures that the screenshot has been taken.
  3. Then when the notification has been shown, there will be an option of actually copying the image to the clipboard. You can click here. Or you can go to the downloads folder where all the screenshots are available. The press Ctrl button and then press the C button to copy the image.
  4. Later to paste it, press the Ctrl button and then press the V button to paste the image onto the selected software or app.
  5. Usage of external keyboards

As the Advent of Chrome OS took place, there were several other product ls which were released along with it to ensure that the operating system runs well and efficient. There was not only the Advent of the chrome book, but also there is a desktop version of it known as the Chromebox. It is nothing but OS was classified into ahaving its own system where it could work. But then the keyboard which came with it was something different and had no connection whatsoever to the Chromebook. If you plugged in an external keyboard to the Chromebook, then everything works just fine as the function let’s tend to change their functionality and the switch window button also becomes one of the function keys. So the right way to a screenshot through this external keyboard would be by pressing the Ctrl button along with the switch window button which also the F5 button.

  1. Other tools that can help you out with taking a screenshot on chomebook.

There are several other apps out there which can be used as native apps on the Chromebook. It isLinux and even in Linux you can hey the best of everything by downloading a special software to take the screenshots for you. Some of these ha my tools are given below which can help you to take screenshots without any problems as the in-house capability of taking a screenshot can be inefficient at times.

  1. Clipular – This is something like Photoshop of the chrome worldyou could find on the editing apps. This app also allows you to save the screenshot directly to your Google Drive.
  2. Fireshot – This one handy tool as it tends to give you more coverage and also enables you to take a huge screenshot with breaking it down to multiple screenshots. It comes handy when you have to to a screenshot of two more desktops which are attached.
  3. Pixlr – This is an online photo editing tool with much more advanced tools and much powerful that the one which you might find on the Chrome OS.
  4. Awesome screenshot minus – This app is very useful if you possess a Chromebook which has a touch screen on it. It I range of editing features and also makes sure that everything is smooth and something on the go and keep it safe online.

So these were all the steps on how to take a screenshot on chromebook, if you have any query regarding the same you can leave a comment below we will reply to you at the earliest.


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How to take Screenshot on Mac

Here we are going to provide all the different types of methods for taking a screenshot on mac. The ability to capture something on the screen and to save it such that it can be used later in real time is something that is termed as a screenshot. The screenshot wasn’t available to all the various kinds of platforms but first came out in the Mobile phone and cell phone and then got adapted to computers. But they can be tricky even to capture anything at all. Sometimes it may not apply to the picture, or it may lead to some or the other problem. But this was a cross various platforms as the ability of screenshotting something was very different in many platforms.

Phones had it on their side buttons where as computers used keyboards or onscreen screenshots methods to get the job done. Even mobile phones had on screen button that made this possible, but in the end, you have to take off your hand quickly for the screenshot to even take place. Even on mobile phones, the ability to screenshot never came in till the Advent of touch screen phones. It revolutionised the way we looked at phones and also without any problems. Everything was just at our finger tips.

But this is for the mobile phones era, but for computers, there are only two major seeling brands in this present generation. Windows and Mac OS. These both have been the pioneers in what they do best and also wealth and in business. Most of the times they tend even to copy each other as well but then it doesn’t seem to be the exact things but just a pinch of the idea to replicate something new and better. The ability of screenshots came to computers record whatever you might do on screen. But then ever since the Advent of the screenshot, there has been significant growth of recording your display videos, etc. It made it possible for computer her to do whatever the felt like doing. Here you will learn how to screenshot mac.

But to take a screenshot, it is every different in both of platforms as they have an entirely different software and the hardware also is a million miles apart as well. All this sums up to say that every manufacturer has his / her way of getting the job done. But in Windows, you just get a button, and you get a screenshot, but in Apple, things don’t just become that simple. Well, it does, but there are few what though which you can take a screenshot. They are easy and quite simple really. They do one require any additional support of this task as the OS is much simple and much better than anything available out there. It provides a much things in the easiest way possible. The software is very reliable and doesn’t need any external care to get through with it. Everything is trimmed down to the core roots and made very simple for each one to make every inch of this software useful.

They have specific functions for each process of the software, and it is smooth and also really redefined. There are no bugs, but only a clean and vibrant look to the entire software of Apple. In general, everything that they do is something remarkable and also really useful. It is achieved by cutting down ample amount of time and speeding up he process to make sure that they tend to deliver the results in the least span of time as well. But all this comes at a price that only a few can afford.

Steps to take screenshot on Mac

But as these newer and newer products keep getting out there are several different ways by which some tasks can be performed and also makes it quite and fast as possible. But the main topic over here is how to take a screenshot on a Mac, and it keys can help you take it or even software that helps you take a screenshot of almost everything that you wish to make. But coming back to taking a screenshot on Mac. It is simple actually as there are plenty of ways for mac screenshot. Some of which are explained in detail below.

Taking a screenshot of an entire screen – To to a screenshot of the fill screen follow the steps

This is one of the first methods for mac screen capture.

  • First press the Cmd button. Which is also known as the Apple key. Then while pressing the Cmd button to push the shift key and then along with these both press 3.
  • After doing all of this, the screenshot appears on the desktop as a .png file.

The image that has been screenshotted tends to be saved as the screen shot with the year it has been taken then the month and then the day and finally the time.png.  You can’t make this file and drag it into Photoshop and edit the name of it as you cannot directly do it on screen but need to Photoshop the name of the file entirely.

Screenshot a part of the screen

The second method for taking a screenshot in mac is detailed below.

This mainly helps you in deciding what you want to get the screen shot. The above method could be too much detail for you and not let you clarity for the thing that you want to be clarified. Below are the steps on how to can get this done.

  • Firstly shift button along with the Cmd button and then press 4.
  • Then take the cursor or the mouse that appears on the screen and tend to drag in whatever you want to be screen shot. The saved screenshot will the format of year-month-day- time at which the screenshot has been taken.

The only way that can be done to make sure that you get a proper screenshot of what you desire. More or less you can let go of the keyboard keys when the rectangular box appears and with the mouse start to drag on the required area that you want it to be a screen shot on mac. Then after you selected the area then press the space bar, it will let you drag the selected area around and allow you to your screen shot. But I’d you want to abort the screen shot then just press escape and no image will be captured or generated.

The measurement of screenshot size

Third method for screen capture on mac, have a look below.

The measuring of the screen shot is easy as you can decide as to what pixel density do you want the Image to be. While you pull the rectangular box down while pressing the Cmd button and shift button along with 4 and drag the box, on the bottom right corner you will see a small decide what kind of picture is it going to take and what will be the quality of the screenshot that it to be taken.

Till now you must have understood most of the methods on how you can do screenshot on mac.

Screenshot a window

If out want to screenshot a particular window without taking anything else into account t then follow these steps, and

  • Press the Cmd button along with the shift button and press 4.
  • When the rectangular box appears on the screen, press the spacebar.
  • After this place the rectangular box over the window that you want to take a screenshot and then press the left click of the mouse.
  • It will ensure that the screenshot with a shadow effect will appear in the saved image which will be stored on the desktop under the file name.png.

But then if this doesn’t seem o do the trick then press the Cmd button along with the shift button and press 4. Then a rectangular box box tends to convert to a camera and where you move the camera the window tends to look with a blue color. It can be taken as a screenshot as only the highlighted part is what the screenshot is taken. And the saved image will have a nice shadow effect result.

But what if you don’t require that end of the saved screenshot. Then follow these steps.

  • Press the Cmd button along with the shift button and press 4.
  • After then when the rectangular box appears don’t press the space bar directly but push the alt button and then the space bar.
  • Then hover the cursor to the selected window and then take the screenshot.
  • It will ensure that the screenshot saved will have no shadows whatsoever.

Screenshot of a drop down menu – To take a screenshot on a mac of a drop down menu is easy and not that tough at all.

  • Firstly press the Cmd button along with the shift button and press 4.
  • When a rectangular box appears, press the space bar.
  • Move the rectangular box to the drop down box, and then it’ll take the screenshot of the drop down box that you like.

How to take a timed screenshot – To take a timed screenshot there is nothing much you can do but use the screen grab app which comes with the software. It enables you to fake timed screenshots and also make sure that you get enough time to position everything on the desktop before taking any screenshot. The deadline is at about 10 seconds.

Saving screenshots to pasteboard – Well the prntscrn button works a bit different on the Mac as it has the functionality to save the image to the pasteboard. Pasteboard is nothing but a place where your image gets copied to and you can then late it anywhere you would like as in a document or any editing app. It is just like copy and pastes like what you would find in Windows. But with Apple, everything is just different. Below are the steps why which this is possible.

  • Firstly press the Cmd button along with the shift button and press 4.
  • The as the rectangular box appears to press the Ctrl button and drag along what you want it to be copied to the pasteboard.
  • As soon you release the buttons the screenshot is captured into you pasteboard which can be used to paste it anywhere.

Till now these are methods to screen capture mac, you can also refer the below given video if any query is still there for how to do a screenshot on a mac.

Hence by these ways you can take how many ever screenshot on a mac you would like and also save it where ever you want. It makes it efficient and more organized as the screenshot that is taken don’t remember to take up much space but gives a clear image on what has to be done. But then, in general, the screenshots are always stored on the desktop, and the storage can be changed as per one’s liking.

For any query regarding the post how to take a screenshot on a mac you can leave a comment below we will reply you at the earliest.



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How to Take Screenshot on KDE Plasma

Steps to capture Screenshot in KDE Plasma: The very purpose of having the feature of screenshots is to have direct interaction with the data that has been displayed on the monitor or display without any 3rd party intervention. Sometimes they come handy in a lot of various aspects like documentation, presentation, etc. But these all varies with the software in which we ing the displayed information. The current OS on which we are dealing with is Linux. When we take the name of Linux the other name what comes to picture is KDE plasma which also is the 5th and current generation of KDE systems developed for Linux systems. KDE stands for “K desktop environment”.

Basically, there were many iterations in the line of plasma systems what they introduced, but the latest of them is KDE plasma 5 which is one of the hi-tech systems which you can find out there for a Linux based operation systems. Basically, the new systems had a new default theme known as ” breeze” which had convergence and exploration over different styles over different devices. They used an OpenGL for the acceleration of their hardware which made it much smoother and better in performance with no lag at all. This also resulted with no compromise as the power consumption too was much less when impaired with the previous generation.

The KDE plasma is generally built on a Qt5 and KDE frameworks 5 which added a lot of improvement in the Current generation of Linux systems produced by KDE. There were a lot of changes made in the KDE systems, but the current best seller sure does seem a power packed performance machine which sure does lift the game when compared to its competitors. The plasma supports HiDPi display which generally has a better display and moreover as a graphic shell which is converged.

Also, houses a new theme known as breeze and comes with various goodies to mingle around with. Nothing was left standard but the gave a total facelift which makes it the best system to house Linux. The operation and function of these systems are simple and are as same as the ones you might as well find on a Windows PC, but Linux has its own set of functions and guidelines through which it runs and executed set of tasks. The plasma uses an X window system which is powered by a KDE software compilation onto the KDE frameworks 5 which is the hardware to the system. The operating system has its own bargain and it own flaunts but depends on the user on which on they prefer.

Methods to take KDE Screenshots

Generally, the functions of this system are a bit tricky in ways in which anyone could be confused on how to use one, but if mastered it’s something more or less a whole different experience. But the Chang’s made are really good but still, lacks the general appeal to make things a bit more reliable and quicker than before. The problem of taking screenshots is a problem in almost all aspects but in Linux, it’s a whole different saga as there are a whole lot of ways through which you can take KDE screenshots but some ways are generally the same. Some of them might be-

  1. Print screen button – This is something that you find on every keyboard nowadays but works almost fine on all systems. But for Linux, it’s a whole new thing as the operation is the same but sure does vary in the aspect ratio and also the software that you are using on plasma. It’s pretty much like windows but then varies in the version that you have been using and more as the older version for updated it became trickier to even capture a simple screen shot of the operating system. Some things like these sure do affect the growth and also the shortcut methods of some features.

But when you hit the button to capture a screen shot it generally should take a picture, but nothing generally happened as the version was newer. For some, it was the same but for some, they had to hold the control (Ctrl) button and then press the print screen button which made a whole lot of confusion. Even when this never happened some actually went n checked the HELP program of KDE. ( As Linux is different every function of it is realtors to a software or a program) generally, when nothing worked out, there is some software which helps you in taking screenshots in KDE without the help of print screen button.

2. Ksnapshot – Ksnapshot is a screenshot application designed n developed for the KDE desktop environment. Using C++ and Qt, Richard J Moore, Matthias Ettrich, and Aaron Just Seigo designed and developed it. This application made it very easy to take snapshots and also made it simple enough to not go through a lengthy task of researching to just take a simple screenshot. The features what Ksnapshot has is something different when compared to a normal screenshot application as it had something much more than what meets the eye. Some of them were-

(A). It could save several snapshots in multiple formats such the need to individually separate it was eliminated.

(B). The processing rate of snapshots was faster and hence gave the edge to take newer snaps at any given point of time without a lag and without any errors, the images were saved.

(C). Had an option ” open with” which allowed you to open a snapshot in any external editor without any errors or the need for any conversion process. It was plain simple and efficient.

(D). Had the ability to copy the image to the clipboard which the normal software of Linux never had it.

(E). A number of capture modes like capture modes which let you decide what kind of Fran to aspect ratio of the screenshot would you like or would it be a freehand snapshot which generally meant that you would have to decide how much the snapshot is required. The single window which meant that the user could take a snapshot of a single screen at a time or multiple screens depending on the requirement.

(F). Another feature was that it had snapshot delay which generally gave you time to position stuff that you wanted on the picture and takes a screenshot of it. Something like a timer to a photo but had much better use when introduced in the application.

In all many ways, Ksnapshot was a way better screenshot taker than the regular print screen button. But when the OS got updated, for some the application wasn’t available and for some, it never even was shown how to even take a screenshot. But below are the steps through which you can get Ksnapshot on ur computer.

(A). On the command line type so Pacman -S kdemod-kdegraphics-ksnapshot. This should enable the computer to understand that Ksnapshot has to be downloaded. The application isn’t that big, it’s just a 0.76 MB downloadable file which requires up to 15.12 MB of your disk space for installation. A very small application for KDE, but does a lot more even for its small size.

(B). Once the above is done, you will be shown the download and installation details of the application. Further, you will be asked whether to proceed or not with a “y” or “n”. Y for a yes and N for a no. If Y then it will install the program. Once it is done, it’ll download the application and other requirements for the smooth running of the application. Depending on your connection the software should take about a couple of minutes. Once downloaded the system will automatically install the required files and could take up a few extra minutes.

(C). When all this is done, go to application then launcher menu. A settings option would be there open it and then finally system settings. When all this is done then go to the input actions section and then check the box for print screen. The integration of the print screen button will be directly linked through this and it’ll enable you to take screenshots with ease and screenshots can also be taken Efron the application itself and have various changes to it depending on your taste.

3. Spectacle – Spectacle entered the world of Linux through the release of KDE applications whose main target was to replace Ksnapshot. Basically something as an upgrade to the old one. In addition, the features what Ksnapshot had were nothing compared to spectacle as it could do everything much faster and was efficient in every way that the flaws were minimal and the images that were saved also were of higher quality that gave it the edge to continue for a longer duration of time. Spectacle had a lot of advantages, some of them are-

(A). It had the ability to integrate physical keys without even clicking on spectacle for it’s functioning. Mainly shift + print screen was the primary key to be used.

(B). Spectacle was optimized in such a way that the time lag and the image capturing duration were completely minimal and had no issues of even any lag to disorient the image hat was being captured.

(C). Could capture an entire screen without any delay time which was obvious for its function.

(D). Capture the entire monitor which gave way to various modifications in the technical aspects.

(E). Gave the ability to take a snapshot of only the window which was at first of the monitor and edit it in real time.

(F). Hovering of cursor over the window which the user wanted to take even if it was hidden could be achieved with spectacle.

(G). Gave a lot of freedom in the various domains of screenshots and also could take particular pop-ups and tabs just by moving the cursor to the desired tab or pop-up to take the picture.

(H). It enables voice confirmation which gave the user a sense of when and where the image is going to be taken and where is it going to be stored as all the storing process happened in the background which gave optimum results in the shortest amount of time.

(I). Take a screenshot and exit the application and still would get saved without any errors and would be displayed in the folder which it was destined for.

But with the Advent of spectacle there sure was some technical difficulties in understanding the way it worked and performed. So to guide you through the various changes and ways to take a screenshot on spectacle, the following steps will do justice –

(A). Open spectacle

(B). There are various capture modes available such as current screen ( which lets you capture whatever is there on a single screen ), full screen ( captures everything there on the screen but includes even the rest of the left out space but on a multi-screen all screen are captured but a single window ), window under the cursor ( the region around which the cursor is hovering or stopped, that part is only captured and nothing else ), region (a better definition of what exactly is to be captured is required).

(C). Click on new snapshot which will give you the above-mentioned options for your choosing. Click anywhere or press enters to take a snapshot but only for region hover the cursor on the particular region and then click which enables it to click and select a particular region only.

(D). To save the captured image click on save as button.

(E). According to your choice browse the location of the folder that the image will be stored in.

So this was all about how you can capture screenshot in KDE Plasma, through given methods. For any query you can leave a comment below, we will reply to you at the earliest.

How to

How to Take Screenshot on GNOME

Are you getting tired in search to take how to take screenshot on GNOME on many websites then, you will feel relax to listen that we are here for helping you in your desires that’s why we are providing relevant information regarding to your search and we hope you will satisfy from our given information and you will never need to search for how to take GNOME screenshot then, folks, it is not a very typical task to do and we have made all the answers regarding your queries, we analyzed that which type of problem people use to face in taking screenshot on GNOME after that we have written this page for your assistance because we think that technology field mostly create confusion in the mind of people and we also believe that sometimes we think that the problem is too much big and that work was very easy, it means work becomes hard until we don’t know the process of working done then, for understanding better to about how to take screenshot on GNOME, please have a look below:

GNOME was originally known as GNU Network object model environment which has been introduced GNOME project and this software composed of both volunteers paid and free. It is an innovative idea in the field of the technology sector, it is a very interesting part of GNOME project and the popularity of GNOME spread over the world.

Steps to take screenshot on GNOME

You can take a picture of screen which is as known as screenshot with the help of GNOME and you may record a video clip which is known as screencast of your screen according to your desire and we love to help you in your dreams, this is really very very useful to show something to someone like a problem occurs in front of you through the computer screen during office work then you may use this screenshot to your boss for excusing problems and sometimes you wanna learn something from someone on the computer and he or she is too much far from then work is most important which wanna learn from his or her computer then you may use the option of screencast now, look below for learning how to do GNOME screen capture.


  1. Switch on your computer after that look at the window
  2. After watching the window just click screenshot from the menu of activities overview
  3. Look in the screenshot window and grab the space on which you need to take a screenshot or if you have not selected your desireable area for screenshot then, you may drag the pointer for taking your screenshot and taking your area in the pointer, leave the pointer.
  4. In the window on which screenshot saved, enter a filename which you wanna give the name to that file for example that file belongs to some of your office document then you may give the name of the file to office file and choose a folder on which you want to save that screenshot and you may create a new folder for every type of screenshot, then click Save and you have a second, if you want to import a screenshot then you may import the screenshot direct into an image-editing application like photoshop, paint without saving it. Click Copy option at the time Clipboard visible on your screen then paste the image in the other application, or drag the screenshot thumbnail to the application on which you wanna edit it.


Keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshot

There are some keyboard shortcuts by which you can say as GNOME screenshot tool, you may take the screenshot on your personal computer or your lap and those shortcut tips are listed below then please have a glance below for better understanding of taking screenshot on your laptop or desktop computer screen.


  1. There is key which is known as print screen but when you want see this key in your keyboard then,  this key will be visible on the top of your keyboard of your computer or laptop and this key is mostly visible you at the very top in your keyboard and second key from the right hand side, you may be confused in finding this key because this key not having the tag of print screen because print screen is a big word that’s why hardware designers suggest a name for them insert and some keyboards have the tagging of this second key from right hand side “prt sc” which means print screen and this have a lot of functions and this is as known as print screen key then, we are making you understand that what is its role of this special key in taking screenshot then, first of all make that print screen button in your glance.
  2. Secondly, you need to open that page on which you want to take the screenshot on GNOME then gently, press screenshot key which is usually known as print screen key and open an image editing software like microsoft paint, corel, etc and just a click on the blank page on that software and simply press right click of your mouse and there will be drop down list appear on your computer screen a option visible in that drop down list which is usually known as “paste” then, you need to click on that “paste” button after clicking on the paste option, you will see that which image you have taken in the form of screenshot, that image will be visible on the blank page of your software and now, there is one more query coming in your mind that how may you save that image on in your hard drive of your computer then, there is not a big issue so, there is no need to worry so much, you only need to save this screenshot image as you usually save images on that software on your drive or online and give the name of that image.


If your keyboard is not working well or you were unable in finding the important key those have I told you then, there is a more for using which have the name “shift” key in this technological world and it also have a lot of uses but we need to clear our topic that how may we take screenshot by this shift key then, please make a notice in your mind that the button of shift mostly visible  rectangular in shape and a tag placed on that key with the tag of shift and if you have tried with both methods printscreen and print screen plus alt then, try this trick more that shift plus print screen together and it’s too much easy to find that key because shift key is usually some big in size.

This thing also that if you not have image folder then, images will directly save into your home folder instead

If you are looking for screencast on GNOME then, we are with you in your search and you never feel helpless ever regarding your search to take screenshot or screencast but mention one thing in your mind that these all things and aspects are only for GNOME users then, other users don’t make your time waist and if you are a GNOME user then, we welcome you in your service and we hope that our help will work and our learnings make you happy and you feel some relax then we think that the time is going on for learning about a new chapter of screencast after screenshot.



The name screencast originated from the technological world and most of the people still don’t know about the meaning of screencast then, first of all, we want to introduce you with this word of screencast then, proceed a step with us in learning about screencast then, you all know about the screenshot, means you the meaning of taking picture of your current screen is known as screenshot which may be useful for you in taking picture of your current screen as well as current screen video is known screencast for instance, you are working some special work on your computer, it may be that work is technical or any kind of special and you want to make this work in the mind of your friend or any other then you may make the video of your current screen by switch on to your screencast feature and we love to help you then, please make your look below for learning of screencast on GNOME.

Screencast on GNOME

This work also starts from the learning about some important keys those all are available in your keyboard because there is no manual way by which you make screencast on GNOME then, you need to make a sharp eye on your keyboard after that We assure you that you easily get the knowledge by which you may easily make your screencast then, please make a look below:


For drawing any screenshot, you need to learn that which type of work you want to do with that screenshot for example, you need to make a video for demonstrating that some work mostly done in 4 hours then, the simple screencast doesn’t work, you need a special software by which you may record a huge video and if you are showing a 30 minutes video or making a video which is not too much wide.

We use normal in-built screencast software for making a new screen video then, please firstly make a phenomena that for which use you need screencast after that you need to learn about the most important key in this screencast which is known as “ctrl” key. This key is well popular and have a lot of functions but our intention is to learn that how to take screencast on GNOME. We should focus on our goal so, you need to learn about that where ctrl key is located in the keyboard and how it works then, firstly, you should make a sharp eye on your keyboard and after that look at very bottom in your keyboard then, you will see a key which is larger in width that’s called space bar and after knowing about space bar you need to look some in the neighbour of spacebar.

You will see that there are some more keys in the level of spacebar and there will be a key which have the tag of “ctrl” that’s called the control key in the technological world of computer then, if you make understand someone or asking about this key then, please call control key instead of ctrl key because you may feel some embracement after the talk because this key is known as control key but visible with “ctrl’ key and if you have found the control key then, make a look for alt key, this key is also in the side of control key it means, for finding this key you need to look at the bottom in your keyboard, near the space, this key will be with the tag of “alt” after making notice on both keys, you need to know about the “shift” key, this key have some different location but we assure you that we are with you in finding shift key on your keyboard then, please make your full concentration on the very left hand keys on your keyboard and after that look over the very last bottom key in very right hand side and then, look at the upper key of from that very bottom key of left hand side.

You will look that a key which is rectangular in shape and have a larger width but not more than spacebar that’s called shift key and please sorry for making a lot of keys in your memory but these all keys are necessary for your operation regarding taking screencast then, make a notice on the last key which is also most important and you all know about that key very well, this key is useful in making “R” alphabet this will be visible in different order in many of the computer machinery then, in order to make screencast, you need to press all the four keys together when will you trying to switch on the recording press all four keys together shift plus ctrl plus alt plus R then, you will that a red transparent screen will be visible on your computer screen and this transparent red screen is showing that how much part has been covered with video recording of your screen, it means you may manipulate the area on which you need to record and when you need to close the recording then, press all those keys again together shift + ctrl + alt + R and your recording will be stopped and saved automatically and now, there is a question is running in your mind that where this video has saved then, please make this thing also in your mind that if you have video folder in your home folder then, it automatically goes there with the file name screecast includes the date and time on which it have taken then, now you may take the screenshot as well as screencast. 

This was all about how to take screenshot on GNOME, if you have any query regarding it you can leave a comment below, we will rply to you at the earliest.

How to

How to take a screenshot on website

Website screenshot: A simple screenshot is meant for capturing what’s immediately visible on your monitor, but in case you need to capture an entire webpage, then there is an entirely different procedure. Here we are going to tell you about how to take a screenshot on website.

How a desktop screenshot different from a print?

Windows 10, MacOS, and many other browsers allows the user to print any page to a PDF file, whereas the older versions of windows contain the built-in ability to print any file to XPS, which is a PDF alternative. For this alternative, just go to the web page you want and then select File > Print, and choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” (In case you have it) else choose “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”. While using MacOS, click the PDF button on the Print dialog. With all this being provided, you might be wondering why to take a screenshot? Isn’t it simple to just Press Ctrl + P and convert a web page into a PDF or XPS?

Steps to take Website Screenshot

To answer this query, one should know that PDF is great for documents but, it has an inherent shortcoming when it comes to preserving a webpage. Regardless of the document creator a user use, it functions as a virtual printer because of which, any shortcoming the physical printing process would have will appear in the document created by the virtual printer. Further, if the website has a specific “print view” option to alleviate this issue, then it implies that you are not preserving the webpage as it appears, instead you are preserving the webpage as it is formatted for printing. While you are using a screen capture tool, you are not churning the web page through a document creator, instead you are capturing pixel for pixel which is exactly what you see on the screen. This is not only useful for archival purpose, as you are getting an exact 1:1 representation of the webpage, but you will also be able to show other people exactly how the page looks as compared to exactly how the page prints. With this in mind, let’s look at the three techniques used to capture webpage in a single screenshot.

  • Capture web page with a standalone screenshot tool

While most operating systems have built-in screen capture tool, which is a basic tool doing a fine job of capturing parts of your screen but, it won’t be able to take a full-page screenshot. Fortunately, there are many third-party tools which sport “scrolling capture” or “full page” capture, wherein the screenshot tool will scroll through the webpage for capturing the screenshot s into one continuous image. Example, the FastStone Capture tool has its feature triggered by a toolbar button or b pressing Ctrl + Alt + PrtScr. It is important to note that, while searching for a screen capture tool, you need to search for the keyword “scrolling” to see if it has the necessary feature.

  • Capture webpage screenshot with a Browser Plugin

Standalone screen capture tools are considered to be great while using them regularly, but if the only requirement of your work is to capture full web page once in a while then, it will make more sense to use a browser-based tool. There are many browser extension tool on web for example, Nimbus Screenshot which is available on both Chrome and Firefox has a nice clean interface which gets the job done and in one click, it captures and aligns the image for the user. It also gives you the choice to save the image on your PC or upload it to your Google Drive or Slack.

  • Capture screen of a web page using a web-based tool

In case you just need a one-off capture to send to someone, then you don’t need to install something to grab it, as long as the webpage is publicly accessible. You can easily use the free screen capture tool or web capture. While both the tools work well enough, the website capture tool has an edge on two fronts, as it allows the user to specify the image format and supports capturing via bookmarklet so that the user can put a shortcut in the browser’s toolbar to access the capture service.

Steps to be followed for taking android screenshot

  • Hold down at once the “Volume Down” button and then press “Power” for 1-2 seconds
  • The screen will flash white and your device will capture the entire screen and save it as a photo
  • To find your screenshot, go to your Gallery or Photos app
  • In case you don’t have no flash or no screenshots then you can try the alternative method which is to hold down at once the “Home” button and then press “Power” for 1-2 seconds
  • The screen will flash white and your will capture the entire screen and save it as a photo

Steps to be followed for taking screenshot on iPad, iPhone, or iPod

  • Hold down the “Sleep/Wake” button and then immediately press and release the “Home” button
  • The screen will flash and your device will capture the entire screen and save it as a photo
  • You can then find your screenshot in the Photos app.

Steps to be followed to take windows screenshot

  • Press “PrtScr” button
  • Windows will capture the entire screen and copy it to the clipboard
  • It is important to note that the Print Screen button may be abbreviated differently on your keyboard, therefore it is suggested to search for the PrtScr or PrtScn or ScrLk or Pause button on the upper right of your keyboard
  • For taking the screenshot of a single window hold down the “Alt” button and then press “PrtScr” button
  • Windows will capture the currently active window and will copy it to the clipboard
  • To copy it into a document or anywhere, hold down “Ctrl” button and then press “V” button
  • Windows will paste the screenshot into a document or image you are currently editing
  • To paste the screenshot as a graphic file press Start > Paint > Paste > Save
  • To take the screenshot and save it directly as a file, hold down “” and then press “PrtScr” button
  • Windows will capture the entire screen and save it as a file to your Pictures in Screenshots folder

Steps to be followed to take a screenshot on a Mac

  • Hold down “command” button and press “Shift” button and then press “# / 3”
  • Your Mac will capture the entire screen and save it as a file on the desktop
  • To take a partial screenshot, hold down “command” button and press “Shift” button and then press “$ / 4”
  • Use the mouse to draw a rectangle to specify what to capture or simply press the “spacebar” button and then click on the object to capture it
  • You will be able to find your screenshot directly on the desktop

Steps to be followed to take a chrome screenshot

  • Hold down the “Ctrl” button and then press “ ” / hold down the “Ctrl” button and then press “F5” button
  • Your chrome OS device will capture the entire screen and will save it as a file into the Downloads folder
  • To take a partial screenshot, hold down “Ctrl” button and press “Shift” button and then press “” / hold down the “Ctrl” button and press the “Shift” button and then press the “F5” button
  • Use your mouse to draw a rectangle and your chrome device will then save it as a file into your Downloads folder

Taking screenshots in Windows 10 in details

Basically, a screenshot is an image taken of whatever on your screen and there are many platforms available on Windows to take a screenshot. Windows has a built-in platform which works great for basic tasks but, there are many third-party programs which offer more ease of use and features. Different methods to take a Windows 10 screenshot are as follows.

  • Screenshots with Print Screen

Print Screen button on the right side of the keyboard can take a screenshot and save it as a file or take a screenshot without saving it as a file or take a screenshot of only one window instead of the whole screen. The Print Screen button can be labelled differently such as “PrtScn / PrtScr / PrntScrn / Print Scr”, or something similar. On most of the keyboards, the Print Screen button is usually found between the F12 and Scroll lock or F12 and Insert. An important thing to note is that when you press the key, it will look like nothing has happened but, the screenshot has already been saved to your clipboard.

To save your screenshot as a file follow the procedure mentioned below.

Press the “Windows logo key + PrtScr”, if you are using a tablet, then press the “Windows logo key + volume down button”. It is important to note that some laptops and other devices may need to press the “Windows logo key + Ctrl + PrtScr” or in some cases “Windows logo key + Fn + PrtScr” keys. The information about this may be provided on your’s laptop manual. After this, the screen will dim for a moment and you will see the screenshot appear as a file in a folder entitled as “Screenshots”, inside your default “Pictures” folder. This screenshot will be automatically labeled with a number. You will be able to see your screen dim if you have the “Animate Windows when minimizing and maximizing” turned on in your visual effects settings.

Taking a screenshot without saving

Press the “PrtScr” button after which a screenshot of your display will be copied to the clipboard then, open your favorite image editor, word processor, or other program you want to use the image in. Then choose Edit > Paste, to paste the screenshot as per your requirement. The dimensions of the image will be the same as that of your desktop resolution. An important point to note here is that, on some laptops and other devices, you may need to press the “Alt + Fn + PrtScr” keys instead of using your laptop’s manual for more information.

Taking a screenshot of only one window

Click on the title bar of the screen capture windows or the window you want to capture and then press “Alt + PrtScr”. After this a screenshot of your currently active window will be copied to the clipboard in the last section and then paste it into your favorite image editor or document editor. An important point to note here is that, on some laptops and other devices, you may need to press the “Alt + Fn + PrtScr” keys instead of using your laptop’s manual for more information.

  • Flexible screenshots with snipping tool

Snipping tool has been the part of the Windows for a long time and this tool was the first included in Windows Vista and was never given any new feature except for the few bug fixes. Snipping tool is capable of taking screenshots of an open window, rectangular area, a free-form area, or the entire screen. You can also annotate your snips with different colored pens or a highlighter to save it as an image or MHTML file or can even e-mail it to a friend. Snipping tool in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 had a limitation of capturing screenshots which involve mouse movements and to capture something that involved mouse movement like pop-up menus and tooltips, you were required to use the Print Screen method. In Windows 10, Snipping Tool has a new “Delay” option in which you are allowed to capture screenshots pop-up menus and tooltips. To use this technique, open the Snipping Tool app and click Delay and then from the drop-down list just click on the number of seconds you would like to wait until the next screenshot is taken.

Then choose the type of snip you want to make by clicking on the arrow next to “New”. The options you need to choose from are of four types viz., free-form, rectangular, window, and full-screen. Unlike a regular snip, the screen will not immediately fade out but, you will have 1-5 seconds, depending on the delay you chose to set up your screenshots. You can use this time to open the pop-up menu or tooltip you want to capture and once when your seconds have passed, the screen will freeze and fade out so that you can create your own snip. In case, if you chose Window or full-screen, it will just capture the snip immediately.

  • Using keyboard shortcuts with Game Bar in Windows 10

Windows 10 snips with game DVR capabilities to record gameplay footage and take the screenshots of Windows PC games. This game bar generates screenshots in PNG format and will save them in C drive. It is important to note that before you start using the game, launch the Xbox app which came with Windows 10 open its settings and under “Game DVR”, the toggle “Take screenshots using Game DVR” and assign whatever the keyboard shortcuts you would like to have.

While taking the screenshot, use the keyboard combination of “Windows” key + G, which is by default and then click or tap on the “Yes, this is a game” box if prompted. Now, click on the “Camera” icon or “Win + Alt + PrtScr” to take a screenshot. It is important to note that the keyboard shortcut will only work if you have previously checked the “Yes, this is a game” box for this specific game and then you will be able to see a notification which will let you know the message “Screenshot saved”. If you click on the notification then it will open to Xbox > Game DVR > On this PC” to see it.

  • Powerful screenshot with the easy way of Snagit

All of the Window’s built-in methods have their own pros and cons and if you take a lot of screenshots and want more flexibility that the built-in tools offer, then the third-party tool is the best option for you. In case you don’t mind spending a few dollars then Snagit is a top-notch tool which will make taking screenshots easy and has tons of features which would let you target specific Windows, take region snapshots, and even capture the full text of scrolling windows like webpages. You can even take short videos if you want and can also annotate screenshots, draw arrows and shapes, and to an extent everything that one can imagine a screenshot tool should be able to do. It is a great tool which can take lot of screenshots in quick time.

Taking screenshots on a PC using snipping tools explained in detail

Sometimes the easiest way to make a copy of something on a computer is to take a screen snapshot and this is exactly what the Snipping Tool does. It can be used to save and share new stories, movie reviews, recipes, and many more.

For capturing the following types of snips use the specified method

Free-form Snip: Draw a free-form shape around an object to be sniped

Rectangular snip: Dragging the cursor around the object to form a rectangle

Window snip: Selecting a window such as a browser window or a dialog box to capture screenshot

Full-screen snip: Capturing the entire screen

After capturing the snip, it is automatically copied to the Snipping Tool Window, from where the user can annotate or save or share the snip. Following is the short description for using Snipping Tool.

Open Snipping Tool

For Windows 10: Type the “Snipping Tool” in the search box on the taskbar, and then select it.

For Windows 8.1: Swipe in from the right edge of the screen and then tap Search or if you are using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen then move the mouse pointer up and then click search “Search” and then enter Snipping Tool in the search box and click on it.

For Windows 7: Click on the Start Button and then type Snipping Tool in the search box and then in the list of results, click on the Snipping Tool.

To capture a snip

In Snipping Tool, select the arrow next to the New Button, then choose the kind of snip you want and then pick the area of your screen which you want to capture.

Capturing a snip of a menu

  • After opening the Snipping Tool, open the menu that you want a picture of.
  • Press Ctrl + PrtScr
  • Select the arrow next to the New button, then choose the kind of snip you want and then pick the area of the screen that you want to capture.

Annotate a snip

After capturing a snip, the user is allowed to write or draw on or around the snip by selecting the Pen button

Saving the snip

  • After capturing the snip, select the Save Snip button
  • In the “Save As” box, enter the file name, location, and type and then select “Save”

Removing the URL

After capturing the snip from the browser window and saving it as an HTML file, the URL will appear below the snip and to prevent the URL from showing follow the below steps

  • From the Snipping Tool, select the Options button
  • In the Snipping Tools Options, clear the URL below snips check box and then select OK

Sharing a snip

After capturing the snip, select the arrow next to the Send Snip button and then select the required option from the list.

In case you are using Google Chrome, there are times when the user might want to quickly take a screenshot of a page without opening a third-party utility. There are certain webpage screenshot extensions for Chrome which can save a screenshot of any webpage in PNG format. An important point to note is that sometimes while obtaining a screenshot of a webpage can be a bit of work, depending on whether you need only a portion of it or the whole thing and if you do not want to take the time to launch another screenshot utility, then the extension will work well in a pinch.

These were all the methods how to take website screenshot. If you have any query regarding the post or anything else, you can leave a comment below and we will reply to you at the earliest.

How to

How to a Take Screenshot on Windows

How to screenshot on PC: A screenshot is the ability to capture the image what is being displayed on the monitor and to edit it and to share it are secondary options but depending on the software the screenshot methods vary. In some OS’s you have the power to take direct images without any help of any software by just pressing a button but on an operating system like Linux, you sure do need a software to help you with the task of even getting anything captured.

Primarily talking about windows in this context, windows has always been the major go-to OS for any sort of work or developing applications, etc. Ever since the Advent of windows to the world, tasks haven’t been much simpler to get over with, workloads reduced the rate of calculation what it could do was insanely fast and quick, much better UI interaction resulting in one of the best that was out there. The special features that the OS held were a little too many that it was a fun task to even explore them and to even get a hang off, but they don’t have nay lengthy methods to even remember, plain simple and clean was the look that it was given. So here we are going to discuss some of the methods on How do you screenshot on a PC.

How to capture a screenshot on Windows

When it comes to windows there are several ways with which you can take a screenshot on pc as the OS is designed in a way that users can customize it in any way possible as per their liking and also have the ability to modify the entire UI itself with a number of customization options and also a number of features to get along with and adapt to as per your liking. There are several ways and what we call solutions to your query how to take screenshot on windows. Some of them are listed below –

(A). There are quite a lot of keyboard option which you can use and generally get the job done. At times these keys don’t tend to work but with the help of software, you can easily capture images like a pro.

(B). Using the print screen button would be the general approach to actually taking a screenshot in windows but generally, that doesn’t apply on all the computers. They might have various other different ways like pressing Ctrl + print screen button which might be required for some computers. Ok pressing these button the computer takes the screenshot of whatever is displayed on that screen and gets copied to the clipboard or gets saved to the assigned directory. Later you can do some basic editing and share the image also if you like. This is one of the most easiest way how to screenshot on windows.

(C). Alt + print screen button also helps in the taking of a screenshot as in most of the computers, the programming of simply using the print screen button may not be available. This function also does the same job as saving it to clipboard or saving it to the assigned folder which generally can be accessed later. The picture can be opened in the paint to perform any sort of editing that could be performed in paint.

(D). For laptops and other PC’s which have a Fn key, there is an alternative to which you can take screenshots with. As on a laptop, everything is compressed and there is not space for a dedicated button. So there is a need to press the FN key and the print screen button to actually capture the image. FN + print screen button ( an equivalent of pressing the print screen button as it captures the entire screen as saves it to an assigned folder), FN + windows + print screen button ( this enables the captured image to be directly stored on the hard drive of the co router without using any tools whatsoever. All the images captured are stored in a separate folder known as a screenshot. This can be performed on a normal keyboard to by pressing windows + print screen button), Fn + alt + print screen button ( this enables the computer to take a screenshot of an active window. This is the same thing as pressing alt + print screen button ). Sometimes the print screen button may not directly work as the FN key is a lock to the screenshot button. The print screen button may be assigned for a different take all together, on pressing along with FN key, it activates the screenshot ability of the computer and this can easily solve your query on how to screenshot on a PC.

after this step please write down that you can select what do you want to and then a screen appears with that content what you have slelected and uske bad yeh nichhe wala ayega .. so you can write .

With the Advent of windows and it’s ever growing diamond of the OS industry, Microsoft came out with its own line of products. These were introduced to give competition to other tech Giants such as Apple, Dell, etc. The surface and the surface pro were the first tablet/laptop to be ever made in-house by Microsoft. These were self-efficient in their own ways as they had all the latest updates of the current demands in a laptop. Microsoft also has their own mobile range of products which branded the Lumia name ( now Microsoft ). Below are some of the ways in which you can take screenshots on these platforms too.

(A). On the surface models, there is no print screen button due to its compact design. But there are several shortcuts through which you can actually take a screenshot. FN + spacebar ( copies the captured image directly onto your clipboard such that Sharing and pasting is done faster without any use other applications. Some as pressing the print screen button), FN + alt + spacebar ( saves the image of the active screen onto the clipboard which generally can be pasted into another window. Same as pressing alt + print screen button ).

(B). On the Lumia range of models which had an excellent user interface, but lack of apps sure did see take decline. By holding the power buttons and the home key, you could capture a screenshot but that was in windows 8 on the mobiles. On the Advent of windows 10, the lower volume key + power button became the screenshot capturing buttons. The images were generally saved in the gallery of the device and could be edited and shared as per one’s liking.

As the years went by windows kept upgrading itself from one generation to another and it’s current OS windows 10 sure does have a lot of unique features and abilities to perform and execute the task in no time at all. But in the are of taking screenshots, there are shortcuts in which you can capture images. On pressing the windows + shift + S buttons the screen is slightly dimmed and on hovering the cursor over a particular region the image is captured as per your liking and also enables you like share it or edit it as the captured image is directly copied to your clipboard.

(E). There are a lot of tools also which helps in actually Capturing a screenshot. A snipping tool comes in handy as it’s readily available with the OS. Just click on the search bar to get the application then there are various options through which you and actually take a screenshot of rectangular or spherical or free form etc. This does the park in no time and the image is directly copied to the assigned folder for all screenshots.

(F). If you are using a surface tablet or windows tablet and want to take a screenshot there are various options through which it can be made possible such as by using the above-mentioned snipping tool ( not that great as it is touch and even the snipping tool window might be captured in the image ), or by manually taking a screenshot but pressing the volume down button and windows button which generally lowers the brightness of the screen and snaps a image which is saved in the screenshot folder of the device which can accessed at any point of time and edited also.

(G). To take screenshots by using share charm which helped in taking a screenshot of video’s and other general things and share it directly as this is an inbuilt feature only for windows 8.1 which allows you to take a direct screenshot or a partial one and share it in relation time.

(H). If you have the windows 10 creators update then the screenshot ability is something unique and different as by pressing the windows + alt + print screen button, the screenshot is not only taken but display a dialogue box on the bottom of the green whether to record or to just take a screenshot. This comes handy when your live streaming or you want to record a gameplay, etc. But a handy feature through which you can share, edit and also copy paste it in another section of the images or videos recorded through this are saved in your video library. This may also get synced through all your devices if there is auto sync turned on your one drive ( Microsoft online storage house ).

Started by Bill Gates, the company took off majorly with the Advent of windows 1, windows 2, etc that was in the early 90’s when the company started to make it much better and much more reliable for the general public to use. With the Advent of windows 98, windows XP, etc came with a while newly revamped liftoff of windows UI with a whole lot of new features that got the edge over other competitors. They introduced notepad for taking down texts or other information, the photo editing app to get the little changes, gave it its own DVD drive along with updated graphic cards and a higher processing rate speed, a much better a sleek look UI that brought a lot of people’s attention.

But with the Advent of newer and newer features, the one main feature what it missed out on was the introduction of screenshots that could be useful in several ways and also make it really easy to show and interact with direct data all with the help of the image that has been captured. The screenshot was introduced in the early stages of the XP era where it was really tough to even get one image captured, but as time progressed the ability to actually take a picture became really easy all with the help of a button which was on your keyboard. Screenshot became much easier to take and hence the problem was solved.

To wrap it up, Microsoft surely has Excel with its contribution of windows and also enabled a lot of features which can be executed with no struggle at all. All the images captured are in real time and are in the highest of qualities. They provide various modification abilities and also help in sharing on all social media. So these were all the methods by which you cabn learn How to take a screenshot on a PC especially windows. If you have any query regarding the process you can leave a comment below, we will you at the earliest.



How to

How to take screenshot on Android

The world as we know is nothing but a further Innovation and further advancements Into the future. Here you will get to know about how to screenshot on android, but before that let’s understand some of the facts. As development began, there were newer and newer products which kept on coming out and one major product what got out were functions of mobile phone it to talk to another person over a distance such that connectivity isn’t lost and you can hear far off distances without any problems. But when the mobile came out it was nice as this made sure that everyone was connected with each other and manufacturers made newer and newer inventions every day to add music or video player or something or the other just to make their product sell.

But one company knew that there is and of something much more bigger than this. A stable platform on which you can use anything and everything and also take the best of everything and design your skin on the stable floor. This company was none other than Google. Google bought a company bought Android Inc in 2005 and showcased Android on 2007. In that time gap, Android was setting a margin for mobile phones which had the ability of touch in them.


Different ways to take screenshot on Android

Below are some of the different ways that you can take into consideration while taking a screenshot on android.

  1. Using the stock Android way of taking a screenshot.

Means to say that Android also comes with ways by which you can take a screenshot android, and it will directly get saved into your phone. To take a screenshot just press the volume down button and the home button together at the same time to trigger this feature. If you don’t do this properly, it might tend the volume to go down or the device to come to Bak to the home screen itself. But after you take the screenshot the image what has been captured goes directly into the gallery of your phone and depending on your storage settings gets stored at the particular place gallery has screenshots where you can find all sorts of the screenshot so that you might have taken. This is one of the simplest way on how to take a screenshot on android.

  1. Taking screenshots through manufacturers shortcuts.

It is not common with all the types of Android smartphone That you might find out there, but these are the standard ways of actually taking a screenshot assigned by the manufacturer. Other than Samsung who has a power and a home button to be pressed at the same time to take a screenshot on android, other companies like Sony implement power off button for about 5 seconds. Then you will find an option of taking a screenshot. After you press that the screen on which your in will be screenshotted and the image goes and gets saved in the gallery under the screenshot folder. But this screenshotting might be risky as at the time you may tend to switch off the device and is risky as well.

  1. Root your phone to add your methods of taking a screenshot android.

Well to start off with this. It is a process of replacing the software with which the phone comes with and adding your software. It is risky and also unique. Risky as in the software that you might add in the phone may no be Abel to run that smoothly and cause the phone to crash a lot more frequently. As some of the designers of smartphones tend to keep away from routers in rooting their products. All this warranty of you can’t get Bak the original version of your phone. But the unique way is that if everything goes well, you can use your software which no one else possesses. Moreover, you can implement as the software is yours and it will work only with your commands. It is why Android is ruling the domain of the smartphone business and is flexible at all costs. And hence this makes it very easy for you to personalise it to any way possible and also can adhere to your way of usage if a phone. But ensure that the software that you put has no impact on the overall performance as it may get affected and damage the product in general.

  1. To download apps from the app store for taking screenshots.

The app store consists of over a billion different apps that you can download and use. Most of them have some specific task of taking a screenshot. They can vary from different t features and also make sure that they have the best outcome from it. Some offer a timed screenshot while others might allow you to take a screenshot and edit it that way you might like it. And some does everything from taking a screenshot on android, editing it and then sharing it across all social networking sites. So the choice is yours on which one to choose and what should be the best app for you that could get might be looking.

  1. Trying the personal assistant who comes with some of the phones to fake a screenshot.

Manier times what happens is that huge phones aren’t accessible throughout but require a good reach of hands to fake a particular screenshot. by using a personal assistant. It comes with most of the phones as they tend to provide this so that there is more convenience in using them. circle which houses all the necessary features that you might use from day to day Life. Such a screenshot, switching between apps, making the phone go to sleep and so on. So many times screenshots can be taken from here by just opening the screen that you want to take the screenshot of and then from the personal assistant select the screenshot option such that the screenshot is taken and stored in the gallery of your device under the screenshot folder.

  1. Various other advanced gestures.

Samsung has been the pioneer in innovation in the smartphone industry right behind Apple. They have a lot of tricks up their sleeves and also have the ability to make a smartphone that I’ll last for a long, long time. But the screenshot ability in these phones varies from several different ways. Some of which might as well be using the power and home button to take a screenshot or the more advanced way which came out with the Note product line, the gesture mode. How this works is that you just draw an S on the screen that you want to be screenshotted and the phone automatically takes a screenshot and saves it in your gallery in the screenshot folder. But there are other gestures such as the three fingers screenshot taker. What this does is that I’d you swipe down using three fingers at the same time it to a screenshot and saves it to the designated place where it has to be stored that might be the phone or the cloud.


So these were the methods of how to take a screenshot android. Let’s also understand some of the major points about android phone.

When Android was released much thought, it want to see movies or listen to songs on something that you use only to make calls. But sooner than you know it, Android nearly crashed the market with its outstanding capability of handling all the kinds of operations and also provide a smooth user interface with the user itself. Android was designed on a Linux-based platform which makes it one of the best operating system that can be customized as per your wish and also make it any way that you want it to work. Android is Google, but even now many of the software that does run on the free software of Android tend to run smoothly but miss out on the capability of accessing Google play store or any other Google apps for that case.

Android is very feasible with the companies that are looking out for software that is fast elegant and also customizable at any way possible but have that feel of using a high-end smartphone. Its open nature source code has embalmed developers to take interest in developing applications for the software itself and come out it newer and newer gestures or applications which make the software and the mobile itself run faster while saving a lot of battery life and optimizing efficient at it’s best. But at a time away happens is that the software that is designed for a phone tends not to raise the specs are a way to high or low for the software to run and doesn’t give us the that are required for it to run.

It caused several wars between many smartphone manufacturers on who would make the best smartphone. But all this comes down to the user interface of how you are good at programming the OS and also making it the best in it’s on the way. Since the Advent of Android, there is a lot of advancements in the Android OS itself. As when time goes by there is newer and newer hardware coming out which can process a lot of memory in a lot less time and still be running without any lag, so Android as to be updated on a regular basis to make it the latest of versions and also eliminate any sort of bug that might be there and might cause problem in the functionality of your device. The layout of the Android OS is plain n simple. Stock Android is what Google offers with their phones is something which is just plain and at it’s best. In this, you can apply any skin and personalize it to whatever extent you want it. Root the phone to add some other software of your choice.

Make an entirely new phone, and Android will run flawlessly without any lag if the coding is done right. And Soo This made Android popular and also made it the bat at what you get out there. When you switch on an Android device, it boots up to a home screen from which you can access all your important work and get the job done without doing much at all. The Android interface is filled with apps n widgets. Apps are the ones that you can download from the play store and widgets are the ones that can have the inbuilt functionality of an app directly onto the home screen of your device. Some of the apps and widgets come preinstalled. And then comes the home screen where a user can ensure that they can have multiple home screen and swipe back and forth to access it without any lag.

But all this can be altered according to your wish as there are many third party all developers who tend to design and upload apps that tend to make your home screen and they look alike however you want it to look. But mostly what manufacturers do is that they tend to make their skins n them much more appealing to the consumers as this is they way of showing their dominance in the market. But when you put all of this together there are several other features which can be used in day to day Life. Also, there are a lot of gestures through which most of the work becomes easy. But talking about gestures let’s take a n Android device. There are several ways and many different ways of companies tend to make it very easy for their customers to have these gestures all throughout. Some of the ways are given below.

Hence there are several ways by which a  android screenshot can be taken, depending on your phone, if any query you can leave a comment below we will repky to you at the earliest.